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If Annie played Funky Friday (roblox)

Chrisu Gaming
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cute annie

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Credits to @Kelogish for the avatar reference!
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  1. Perfect chrisu😁😁
    Edited: ur vids make me happy make more😁

  2. Garcello: drampa kiss
    Annie: OH HELL NO

  3. Garcello: take bar little women.
    Me: more like take bar little man hehe 😉

  4. Hey Annie, I subscribed NOW WHERES MY ROBUX?!?!

  5. Why bacon say ruv winning and whitty us catching up that's pretty sus and tricky lose that's very sussy baka

    Bacon: i like walls and I kiss em

  6. ngl why does annie look like that😭👌🏾

  7. I love t when there is “grandpa lips 😘😘😘”

  8. Twist: he is not a grandoa and a father

  9. bahahaha i love the one part when annie says no gandpa lips LOL

  10. Annie: in Friday night freddys me haahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahhahahahah explodes XP

  11. Annie: time to show off….. MY POWERS!!!!…..garcello: time to show off…….MY PEPPI

  12. I can't stop laughing because of the ew ew ew part

  13. The Buffalo kiss Andy Zendaya started to be a rap battle

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