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if i die the roblox game changes

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i play a lot of fps roblox games


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  1. nice to see him play arsenal after a while

  2. The part where he comes out of a computer looks like he was playing a roblox game in a roblox game and when he died, it's like he got mad and started shooting the gun in the other game.

  3. %99 of the comments: NICE TRANSITIONS
    %1 of the comments: pArAsHoCk X cOpY!

  4. Can somebody give me names of these?
    I reconize
    Energy assault
    Recoil BETA
    Phantom forces

  5. john playing arsenal is nostalgic

  6. Phantom Forces is like BF4
    Phantom Forces expose

  7. Transitions have completed my life.

  8. It like he died he teleport to different universe

  9. The transitions are really smooth but, my brain is smoother

  10. Hey what beta are tower defense simulator

  11. john roblox using his best pc to travel into games

  12. Whats the name of the second shooting game?

  13. I wish to know all the games played in this video because I've only played a fraction

  14. can i get a list of the games?

  15. this has to be the most cinematic way to show dominance

  16. other roblox fps games that john didn't play: why?

  17. this is perfect for ppl who say “RoBlOx Is FoR lItTlE kIdS”

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