Impossible Badges in Roblox Games -

Impossible Badges in Roblox Games

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This is an adventure across roblox’s most difficult to get badges in games like Bee Swarm Simulator, Super Golf, Juke’s Towers of Hell (JToH), Plates of Fate: Remastered and more.


0:00 – Intro
0:52 – Juke’s Towers of Hell
1:45 – Super Golf
4:23 – This Game is Pain
5:32 – Plates of Fate: Remastered
8:33 – a dream you’ve had before
14:35 – Find the Chomiks
15:40 – Dream Game
17:43 – Tornado Alley Ultimate
18:55 – Item Asylum
20:25 – Bee Swarm Simulator
21:38 – Conclusion

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  1. Speaking of JToH, didn’t you create ToTS, Feodoric?

  2. i thought fate would be some super hard puzzle but no, you just click on something

  3. you've shouldve added slap battles


    -head hunter (go to slap royale, then get 15 kills (WHICH IS VERY DIFFICULT) and then win (which is difficult aswell))
    -bob (1/7500 chance that if you use replica, BOB will spawn, and if the person who is getting chased by bob kills bob by the cube of death, you dont get the badge, if the person who was chased by bob dies, you get the badge.)
    -brick master (place 1000 bricks in a public server)
    -EXPOSED (first, go on the plate, and wait until the sign says something about a keypad and a code, now, go to slapple island or moai island and theres a chance that there will be a keypad there. you need to enter the code by doing an arithmetic problem. now, you ended up in the maze with pim stalking you. get the 4 relics before pim kills you. once you get the 4 relics, you've done it. you've gotten the exposed badge.)
    -DEEP SLUMBER (sleep for one hour using ZZZZZZZ's ability while being in a public server.
    -WHY (use diamond's ability for 10 hours and 15 minutes.)
    -You met the owner (meet the owner.)
    -You met snow (meet xXMurderousSn0wXx, a contributor to slap battles if im right)

    and thats it

  4. To get the master lockpicker badge, you have to free someone from a reinforced handcuff, witch is a rarer and harder version of the handcuff

  5. I have actually beat the tower of cruel punishment.

  6. The true hardest badge originates from Manner’s Game Hub. It’s called completionist, and if you go the extra mile, true conpletionist

  7. Вова Рождественский says:

    Idea for part 2: can you add slap battles for part 2? (Bob and more bagdes are rare)

  8. Basically the super golf one is like 8 pool but that one hole you keep struggling to shoot on

  9. you need to talk about the achievement of steep steeps called "postman" with 9000 people that has (including) I have and will talk, first arrive at the checkpoint 200m second in a specific house for Talking to a man who wants you to give the lyrics to his friend, and his friend is in a house at 300m with no checkpoint in between the path, third you have to go back to the 200m to talk to the man who has the lyrics to get there's only 1.2% that has being the second Quest rarer

  10. some of my friends and me ALMOST got the crackedsweeper badge

  11. me and 9 other people were the first to get answers, reply if u want me to upload it 2 yt idk
    airplane was def the hardest badge O_O

  12. Btw there is agame based off of eyes on roblox with like 5m visits and several badges that 0 people have but are quite easy (eg die with 30 bags)

  13. theres a game that made a badge that no one got after even like 3 months of release

  14. I had bought the rap emote before i even knew there was a badge for it lol

  15. you should have added tower of vacant hindrances

  16. Guys, I got "uber secret chomik" and "everything chomik", I can say it was an unbearable torment even with a guide. Don't try this.
    Its me, you can watch the badges. I got uber secret 1 hour ago.

  17. The badge “ultra completionist” currently has 0 owners and is the really hard challenge that comes after an already difficult “true completionist” which requires a “completionist” which involves rejoining a game 15,000 times, being in game for 540k seconds, etc

  18. should’ve also mentioned databrawl “Observer” badge

  19. 7:41
    The owner has the badge (because when he dies by something placed by himself it still counts)

  20. Random Rumble has some badges that have really obscure unlock methods

  21. master lockpicker is from lockpicking a red lock which i saw once but its really hard like 20 timing things in a row thats hard

  22. I love Roblox puzzle games that make you go outside of the game to do stuff, such as the NFT Chomik. (I don't actually do them, it's just fun to watch)

  23. thanks for the item asylum badge i love that game

  24. meanwhile the meet the owner badges in dead games: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  25. Me waiting for replicated reality bezel badge to be on the list :

  26. answers would definitely be the rarest in 4slug's game if it didnt get leaked after 11 owners lol

  27. For the Master Lockpicker, you need to find someone with red handcuffs, which has about 10x amount the locks as a normal one (correct me if I'm wrong.) So this is not only very RNG related but also needs a lot of skill

  28. Dream game is hard and stealth pilot is not hardest there like 30% i think has it

  29. Watching these types of videos makes me kinda sad because I know I’d never be able to conquer goals like these..

  30. Also the 'ez' (I think that's what it's called) badge in plates of fate where you have to win your first ever game is probably the rarest badge (in that game)

  31. some say that your dad went to floor -3623 to get the milk

  32. a couple of games with pretty rare badges that I know of are:
    Apeirophobia, 130M visits and has some insanely rare badges has over 5 with less than 1k and 1 with less than 100 (as of now)

    THE IMPOSSIBLE OBBY, 55M visits and only 7 people have gotten the badge, though this is only because the group got taken down and also you need to record yourself doing it so exploiters can't, still rare

    Databrawl, the only notable badge is "LEAVE" which although it says 13 people have beaten it, it was confirmed by the creator that only one person has actually beaten it and the rest are devs/tester

    Field Trip Z, has quite a lot of difficult hardcore mode ending badges with the lowest one having a mere 167 winners despite its 700M+ visits

    ZO SAMURAI has 2 super grindy badges and that's bout it though they are pretty rare

  33. would’ve agreed if it wasn’t for synapse x

  34. You get the master lockpicker badge by lockpicking a (I think) red handcuff, which is a way harder version of the already hard normal handcuff

  35. The most rarest badge: meet the developer

  36. For 7:21 (Master Lockpicker)
    In the game there is a special type of hand cuffs that spawn, I believe they are called the red cuffs if I'm remembering correctly.
    To get this badge, you have to free someone from those cuffs. It's really rare due to how rare red cuffs are in the first place, and how hard it is to keep them alive for as long as you can so you can free them.

  37. fun fact: the beta tester badge from nico’s nextbots is NOW impossible, technically.

  38. From bss, Quest master was hard until stupid macros
    Battle point has the same luck, no afk/macro is impossible (4y playing and 500k battle points true pain)

  39. idk if everything chomik or IWBTC would have more legit victors everything chomik was propably a big group Iwbtc idk random guys trying

  40. Alright boys, who wants to get these with me, like a pact?

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