Is Doors The BEST Horror Game in Roblox? -

Is Doors The BEST Horror Game in Roblox?

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Is Doors The BEST Horror Game in Roblox?
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  1. You can buy knobs in the shop on the left side of the screen

  2. the farthest ive gotten in doors is to door 50 because there is this code that i cant solve and you have a demegorgon with you but hr cant see but he has really good hearing so to me that is the
    hardest part

  3. I wonder what the chances are that he gets jump scared by closet Jack in the second video

  4. My best was door 100 (the end of the game) technically I've gone through over 1,000 doors because i've beaten the game 10 times.

  5. Just the fact that one day I was watching rainbow friends and then found his vids turned me into a huge fan! HE also inspired me to play Doors and OML I LOVE it! I love ur vids Thinknoodles never stop making them!

  6. I finish all the Game it was so hard i lost like to much i always try to finish all the Game ando finally i finish the Game i was so happy

  7. Info in DOORS!:

    To answer the questions in the video: I made it to door 100, or the last room. | How many entities? To answer that there is Jack, Timothy, Screech, Rush, Ambush, Eyes, Hide, Halt, Seek, Figure, Shadow, Smile/Window, Glitch, A-60, and Troll Face. So to answer that, there is 15 in total.


    [Info : Monster/Entity]

    Jack – An entity who appears, jumpscares, and takes no HP when you encounter him. He appears infront of doors or in closets. It's a 1/20 chance to get him though.

    Timothy – Little spider that takes 5 HP sometimes when you open drawers.

    Screech – A octopus spider lookin' thing who is a circle with a smile and tentacles. He appears in or after dark rooms, if you look at him when he goes "psst!" He screams and turns away, going off. If you don't look at him he chomps your face- he does 40 damage.

    Rush – An entity who runs through, jump in/under the closets, beds, or vents to avoid him. (He also knocks the lights out but Screech won't spawn.)

    Ambush – A monster just like Rush but he comes back and back again, each time he goes jump out of the closet/vent/bed and go back in until he's gone. I'm not sure if he knocks out the lights though.

    Eyes – A monster with 42 or 41 eyes who attacks when you look at him.

    Hide – Monster who attacks you when you stay in a closet for too long.

    Halt – A monster who is quite a tricky one, encountering it will freak you out if it's your first time though don't panic. When it tells you to turn around walk forwards or backwards. Walk backwards when he's infront of you, walk forwards if you see it say turn around when you are walking backwards. It's behind you. Halt appears in dark hallways. He will dissappear after you reach the next ROOM. Also your screen will be blue when he is there.

    Seek – The secondary monster-protagonist in game, he chases you in doors 30-35. One of the rooms through 30-35, it ends at 41 I believe. He comes back at one of the 80 doors and ends at one of the 90 doors.

    Figure – The monster at 50 and 100. Also the main protagonist. He cannot see but he can hear so crouch. If he suspects you're in a closet this heart minigame will happen, click when the half heart meets the main heart. After you complete it he will walk away without mess ups he walks away actually.

    Shadow – An entity that appears at the top of your screen as a human Shadow but dissapears as soon as you walk into the room.

    Smile – Sadly I don't know what he does but appears outside the windows.

    Glitch – A monster who tps to your group when you loose them (after 5 doors he tps you) or just ruins the game and kills you or is just being annoying.

    A-60 – A rare secret entity that spawns when the devs spawn him or Ambush comes/spawns too much.

    [Extra : Troll Face – A monster who appears when the devs spawn him after a bit of trolling you. He is just like Rush but he doesn't break the lights I believe-]


    [Importants: Places : Courtyard | Door 50 : Figure's library. | Door 100 : Elevator shaft.]


    [Info : Places]

    Courtyard : Outside but leads to next Door.

    Door 50 : Get ALL books til' code.

    Door 100 : Get the key in the elevator, head down the stares when figure isn't there, head over to the gray door with the lock and unlock it, head in, flick all the switches on and watch the minigame.


    [Info : Minigames.]

    Heart-Figure-Minigame : Heart minigame, Get the half of the hearts and click what side the half heart is on on your mouse when it is on the full heart, don't mess up or Figure will get you after Hide throws you out.

    Elevator minigame : After you flicked all the switches on, watch it, whichever squares are black with a yellow rim around it flick off the switches that goes along with the number.
    If you don't understand get another explainer cause I'm not good at explaining-! Tysm for reading.
    God this hurt my fingers- lol

  8. I played this game and I always died in rush now sometimes I died to rush

  9. Tip: Keep your lighter more than half fuel because it will spawn more vitamins and lockpicks which are good items

  10. I love how he doesn't know that Figure cant see him and hes still hiding and rush only comes when the light flickers :]
    Edit: I agree with the person below me

  11. If you hear psst in doors you need to look evrywhere and dont get scared and to rush you need to hide in a closet if you hear the nois

  12. My best score is in runing seek part 1

  13. My highest door lvl is door 100 door 100 is the max door

  14. It is so fun to watch him learn doors in real time. Especially since we have all played and probably beat doors by now. I watched game play before I played doors, I can imagine if you played and never seen a video of it before it would be so confusing. Lol

  15. Have you not noticed doors chapter 2 is going to be coming up 👍.

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