Is Roblox The Future of VR Gaming? -

Is Roblox The Future of VR Gaming?

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Could this Roblox mod be a sign of the future for virtual reality gaming?

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  1. Even if roblox aint really what it used to be (fun) stuff like this is pretty impressive.

  2. Someone: you are still playing roblox? So cringe
    The Roblox games im playing:

  3. the perfect loop doesnt exis-

  4. This seems to hardware intense for any quest user's but I got a PC so I'm fine

  5. On top of it Roblox will ban it cause it makes them no money

  6. Resolution gonna be trash, so gonna pass on that

  7. I bet my headset would explode trying to play this

  8. What kind of accommodations do context creators for Roblox get?

  9. These Roblox mfs will never make a game in anything other than Roblox, bro just use unity

  10. This just encourages me to make a Roblox account now so I can play this on my quest 3🤣🤣

  11. “Break glass with the butt of your gun” DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT A STOCK IS?!

  12. no way Roblox has the most realistic games before GTA 6💀

  13. old roblox: classic retro games
    2024 roblox:

    real life in roblox.

  14. Until now the most visually impressive thing I’d seen in Roblox entry point, I mean it’s a great game but, god damn this is amazing

  15. So is ares vr gonna be a Roblox game or a game that’s made from Roblox stuff? (I’ve been living under a rock and I’m stupid)

  16. Does anyone know what the vr shooting game all these people played

  17. And then they say "but roblox is for kids" yeah, maybe 12 years ago…. time has changed.

  18. Do you have to have Roblox vr to play this or is it a separate thing

  19. I hope they make a non Roblox version

  20. it being developed in Roblox does not change the fact that it looks incredibly generic in terms of gameplay although very nice in terms of graphical standard

  21. Better be some good gamepasses so they can make some SHMONEY (and to make p2w players have an easier gameplay experience)

  22. Aaaand Roblox will take 98% of all money made on it despite barely contributing to the development.

  23. how do you play the game, i can’t find it anywhere

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