Is Roblox The Future of VR Gaming? -

Is Roblox The Future of VR Gaming?

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Could this Roblox mod be a sign of the future for virtual reality gaming?

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  1. Roblox: hmm, this game looks like it wont make us enough money, BANNED

  2. This is why I think of Roblox less as a platform and more as a game engine. It has a reputation for surreal children's games, but undoubtedly there are some insanely talented people who can push the software to such a limit that it makes you question what Roblox was ever supposed to be in the first place.

  3. Nowadays about 2-10 people make better games than the biggest studios and they release the games for like 3 bucks. I love it.

  4. Why is Roblox engine better than Halo infinites?

  5. "vrchat" is the closest to "ready player one" there is right now not roblox

  6. if u want this game right now, u can't but there is something called bonelab / boneworks that u can play.

  7. wtf is this app how can people make games like this first we got call of duty and that has gaming companies in it but when you go to Roblox there’s 2 people making games that are better than call of duty like how 🤯

  8. Another indie game that looks really cool and fun but won’t release until the next decade 😂😢

  9. The worst game ever developed in the history of gaming. VR shouldn’t even be mentioned as it’s a nightmare of a pure shit passionless shit show. This is disguising

  10. I'll wait till it comes out, this has been "upcoming" now for a bit.

  11. Bro the FBI is gonna see this and say let me buy some

  12. we finna blow up the CPU with this one🗣️🗣️🔥🔥

  13. cant wait for roblox to update and break the entire game 😀

  14. This looks better than some actual vr games ive played

  15. noah is actually making a comeback, I think I remember that he made doom games, or maybe I was wrong, still a good part about my childhood

  16. When I saw the developers videos on YouTube, and that it was made in Roblox, I thought it was just a troll, like how Hyper says his animations are from Supermario 64.

    But holy shit it actually is. Roblox is lowkey not that bad bro!

  17. Imagine if a fraction of the budget of Skull and Bones or SuicideSquad went to this instead

  18. Why the best developers are either furries or guys with names like "shitpoopfartcum415"

  19. Too bad roblox will pay them like they made a "survive the jeff the killer" clone.

  20. Sooooo is this available in Roblox on Quest 3? Cause I'm gonna get it

  21. Already hate the game, black kits are for 9-year olds. (Black kits are completely useless when it comes to blending in with your environment, like ucp tried to blend in with the city, it failed, just like how black tries to blend in with the night, it failed.)

  22. Roblox is not even in the future that game is ass

  23. I am 999999999999999999999% gonna play this

  24. It sucks the made this on roblox and have to deal with the crap moderation and 70/30 revenue split along with other things

  25. Nothing will ever get me to look in this direction, it’s still Roblox 😂🤣🤣

  26. The game itself looks like it’s published on the actual store, mad respect to the people who created the game.

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