Is This NEW Roblox Adventure RPG Game BETTER THAN ANIME LEGENDS...? (2023) -

Is This NEW Roblox Adventure RPG Game BETTER THAN ANIME LEGENDS…? (2023)

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Ngl I WISH that arcane odyssey had taken the angle that this game is going for with some of it’s graphics! AND EVEN MORE SO HOW THEY AREN’T GIVING US A RELEASE DATE THEY CAN’T MEET LIKE SOME OTHER GAMES…. BUT PLEASE LMK WHAT Y’ALL THINK OF THE NEW FACE CAM DOWN BELOW!

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  1. Slykage, If I were to have a chance of remaking the universe, I would replace the stars with you so I could stare at your beautiful gaze every night, in every universe, in every timeline, in every life. I will seek you out and find you my Slybaby for my existence without you is meaningless.

  2. u heared it here first, sly loves riding animals

  3. sly ka gay lookin mighty toe suckable fr 👿

  4. bro be tryna rizz me up in every video 😂😂😂(all jokes I luv u slykage)

  5. Arcane odyssey look to childish and that character look is so disgusting

  6. Games with good graphics that show off basic gameplay dont have the greatest reputation especially after release

  7. stop tilting your head, other than that its cool

  8. hope the game is free it will be anoyying if its payed access

  9. only reason i play arcane is because of the nostalgia

  10. Love and respect you bro, keep up the good work. Love watching the vids

  11. When your mom says we have elden ring at home: nah but the game look heat fr i doubt for moblie support so i might not ever play it

  12. I thought it was a Dr. Stone game because of the thumbnail

  13. Bro if it releases before anime legends then yes either way it is.

  14. i think its gonna be a wasted potential bandit beater

  15. bro i was making a game exactly like this except not as graphical and pd now i'm sad bc now my game gonna be labeled as a copy of this

  16. 4:55 already saw it coming when you said "mounts, huge pause" 😭😭😭

  17. loving this original content 🔥🥵❤️😍🎉

  18. I like no release date, but do they give consistent updates on what they’re currently working on and how progress is going? That’s another thing emblem tales just does not do which is incredibly stupid.

    Arcane odyssey did a great job at doing this with EVERYTHING that gets pushed to the test universe being PUBLIC INFO on the trello.

  19. ngl bro i know you're still adjusting with the new face cams thingy but u look mad awkward on that angle

  20. I swear, these games are like the mobile games that have ads that don't look similar at all to the actual game, acane odyssey is the proof

  21. facecam looks waayyy better love your vids bro

  22. I think you should turn yo room light off, add rbg lights (not the walls one) and buy a face light.

  23. If u can have only one animal and u random it or something it will be cool

  24. Lighting has gotten a lot better. Only thing i can think of is the background lighting. That or get som fancy neon lights with the main room light off to make it pop. As long as ur luminated, and nothing is getting like white light refections if u know what i mean by that. But its getting better with each video. Keep up the good work my guy.

  25. I know this is gonna make everyone made but this already looks 30xbetter than arcane odyssey 💀

  26. cool how the sticker slkage is mirrored but in the tv it doesnt look mirrored

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