Is This Roblox JoJo Game Really THAT Good? -

Is This Roblox JoJo Game Really THAT Good?

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in my prediction It will not surpass yba or aut

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  1. I'm mad at you for comparing a 2-month-old game that's not even available to most players
    and comparing to two big games and it's still in testing don't compare it till it actually gets released and why even compare a small game for big games the creators arent trying to surpass anything they're just making they're own game they just want to do it and your comparing a game that's not even released to two big games AND AUT:NU ISNT EVEN RELEASED WHY EVEN BOTHER COMPARING SOMETHING HUGE TO SOMETHING SO SMALL

  2. Did somebody said a Game needs Modellers?! >:0
    agressive approachment

  3. bad take on how you compare it with other jojo games and say that x will not surpass x but good video

  4. This is gonna be the next Demon Fall, 100K players on release, now it's at 5K daily.
    Huge map? Check.
    Lots of hype with the same cookie cutter JoJo game formula? Check.
    Looks fun, but will get boring and repititive? Check.
    Need to buy gamepasses just to have fun? Check.
    Lots of other things, but I don't wanna make this comment as boring as the game, so I'll leave it at this.

  5. So I did a 1v1 with HP Hamon guess who I went against. A Beach Boy VAMP. Ngl, I got Destroyed and I didn’t kill him once. New Meta?

  6. even though i know it will not surpass yba or aut, it looks awesome. i love the part 3 theme and they even have emperor! really looking foward to this game.

  7. Is This Roblox JoJo Game Really THAT Good?
    Me: More then very, 1 thing make me sad, WHY + F RARITY EXIST

    No One Like Rarity 🙁

  8. Bruh you got 200 ping and thought that was bad I legit get like 2.5k ping lmao

  9. but i dont really care when it come out cuz then u have to play like aut and the game at the same time🤔

  10. im the only one who find out that he have abs on his back

  11. if aut doesn't have a very good storyline and all i'm playing this game it looks sooo good. and even AUTs concept of jojo stuff combined with other specs and characters really cringes me and is trash in my opinion to get things from other anime's into a game which mains one anime.

  12. If this game updates a lot with like game modes and stuff this could probably surpass yba imo

  13. stand upright is far superior, sad it got removed

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