Is This Roblox JoJo Game Really THAT Good? -

Is This Roblox JoJo Game Really THAT Good?

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in my prediction It will not surpass yba or aut

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  1. stop comparing the damn game to other games that are already big aut was released and is getting revamp and yba has been big for like 2 years now they never said they wanted it to surpass anyone wtf is wrong with u youtubers ever once in a while theres youtubers who just compare everything its so annoying

  2. Don’t you mean, Josef Joesta? Not Mr Joestar smh

  3. If they put a price to play the game just like gpo it will be a waste

  4. There are 3 things that considered the game be good
    1. Story line
    2. Combat system
    3. Stand model

  5. Yba has gud stands thats why it will remain at the top

  6. yeah the graphics are dece, along with the combat ANIMATIONS. the combat is complete garbage, and nothing is balanced, 6:06 compared to aut, similar animations, along with much better combat, and alot more balanced stands, i mean just take a look at standless, its that easy to see that aut will now be surpassed by this game

  7. They might have no mobile support so rip the mobiles

  8. I love how the level up sound is the mafia city one


  10. Stop fucking comparing the games its annoying just enjoy them for how they are and stop trying to see which is better

  11. Sorry yba but this game got me it has better storyline everything i see is better than yba but its my opinion

  12. Can we stop saying JoJo games will take each other over when something releases? It is stupid.

  13. How u have the old roblox cursor?….

  14. I feel like this is only gonna take over yba and not aut

  15. Infu not trying to be rude put the game isn’t even released yet, just stop comparing other jojo games to big jojo games no hate either

  16. I hate when people compare different games like they are the same

  17. oh what if the game has like different part arrows like in a different map you get different stands, it would make the game a bit more feeling like the part its in

  18. I want to play the game but I can't find it 🙁

  19. so cool seeing infu fight other youtubers i see on a regular basis

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