it DOES get scarier!! | Roblox The Mimic: Book 2 Chapter 2 -

it DOES get scarier!! | Roblox The Mimic: Book 2 Chapter 2

Forever Nenaa
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Roblox The Mimic Book 2 Gameplay
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Four stories created from Japanese history and urban legends with a twist. In each book, you will find yourself as different characters venturing into the unknown depths of mysterious worlds.
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  1. It took me and my best friend 4 hours to finish it. Chihiro and Mother took up most of our time by far. We didn't know how to do anything and it took us so long to do it all LOL

  2. hi nena this is emil and im form th philippines and i relly love your vids

  3. Do you have a duck?
    Also, do not touch the food I said, do not touch the stuff

  4. Did you know that this is the jealousy book because after we slayed Sama in book 1 chapter 4 and now we're going to slay this Beast

  5. I hate my self I play every chapter 1 2 3 4 and more bruh so scary this monster or disgusting

  6. hi Nenaa i love ur video sorry for my english im am french but can you play mm2(murder mystery) in roblox and you are so pretty i love your hair bye 😻😽

  7. I come from a religious family and my grandma lexered me for watching this😂

  8. One day I will make a video of me and my cousin playing mimic together and I’m gonna be the one screaming a lot🤣

  9. •-🧋𝐂𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐞🧋-• says:

    Dude the second part the monster is a girl not a boy -_-

  10. What!? When I played I had to fight two bosses in the end

  11. 😂😂😂😂i love you soooooooooo much❤❤❤

  12. claim your tickets within 20 minutes before subscribing nenna

  13. ꧁𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓲𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓪𝓲𝓻 🍁꧂ says:

    ˚∧_∧  + —̳͟͞͞💗
    ( •‿• )つ —̳͟͞͞ 💗 —̳͟͞͞💗 +
    (つ  < —̳͟͞͞💗
    |  _つ + —̳͟͞͞💗 —̳͟͞͞💗 ˚
    Love sent by Facemoji Keyboard

  14. My friend Khio thought the creator died for not making chapter 2 of book 2 but he was wrong😅

  15. Rin (the girl withe the red kimono) has a sad story 🙁

    Fun fact:Rin screams when she gets you because she regrets that she a3e her sister rio she screams if she gets you and in the trailer she has teeth on the back of her hair….

  16. The "oh its in front of us! Its maima!" Get me😂

  17. So at the end of the chapter, Isamu did die, he died due to heart removal and blood loss (as you saw), but his spirit is currently in Jigoku, which translates to Hell in Japansese.

  18. DID U PRAY TODAY?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  19. DID U PRAY TODAY?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. Shut your bags when you get back to the lobby because in your bag is a lighter once you press on it, it shows you a different lighter that you were cheese

  21. There’s a hint for the fast thing on the table eating there will😊 be glass and go under the table I think🙃

  22. Book 2 Chapter 3 Realeses in Late November It's The Developer Is Still Making Chapter 3.

  23. wasn’t there’s swords on the Nagisa part? cause when I played this w/ my friends there were swords. unless they updated the game after you guys played this.

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