it took 4 YEARS to make this ROBLOX game and its DEAD... -

it took 4 YEARS to make this ROBLOX game and its DEAD…

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  1. Lmao I made a game in 6 minutes and no one plays it

  2. This game is almost a copycat of phantom forces accept for the driveable cars.

  3. him: says the game is perfect
    also him: doesn't link the game

  4. Entry point took 3 years to finish by one dev and it's dead

  5. Nobody plays this because it's basically battlefeild and there's already phantom forces for that

  6. The map and objective things remind me of battlefeild 4 conquest its fairly good but you always get veichle spammers

  7. "The UI is amazing" It's literally just stolen from Battlefield lmao

  8. Corny: How does no-one know about this game?!
    Viewers: At least we know about it now!

  9. I don't think so I can play this.
    this game will crashed my cellphone look at the graphics

  10. Holy shit none shitty version of polybattle I'm sold

  11. Deadline game is much better than this. Before arguing with me, play it first.

  12. thx for sharing this im gonna try it

  13. i don't play roblox anymore but i think it died because of lack of reason to play it like no leaderboard, no challenges, there's no thrill in playing this game you just kill kill and kill which is boring when the time goes on, if there was a leaderboard or challenges sorry like i said i don't play roblox

  14. ngl hes praising this game too much its like one of the most simple fps games

  15. ngl this is phantom forces but cooler and colourful

  16. I used to play this earlier in development when people actually played it and it was super fun I miss it 🙁

  17. with an fps game comes buyable exploits to completely ruins the games experience

  18. i actually used to play this game and last week i was looking for it cuz it was so fun and you pretty much just reminded me it's name. TYYY 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  19. Oh man I hope my fps game is better than this in 3 more years

  20. I remember playing it when it wasn’t dead and still in development

  21. If you think, that this game is good, then check Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 It's gonna blow your mind

  22. 500k views and the game got only 10 average players out of it… i wish you acc linked it in description to help the devs out for all the work they put in. Good video tho

  23. 4 years and the steering wheel doesnt turn when youre driving 💀

  24. Edit: Bad english ahead

    Brooo, i played this game a lot with my friends, it usually had like 1/2 persons in a server, so every server was basically private, and the game is just sooo good, i really recomend

  25. Looks like a copy of bad buisness tbh no hate tho

  26. the fact that you showed me this game made me subscribe

  27. I’m ngl the game kind of looks like recoil

  28. ngl this man did nothing to explain why this game deserves praise. i mean they did work on it for 4 years but other than it being your average everyday roblox fps shooter there really isnt anything else to it. if its not getting plays that means they must be doing something or something they are lacking in to make people not play the game at all. i feel like if you explained why the game was good and reasons why it feels so different from your average everyday fps shooter it wouldve been better

  29. its literally just stiff n’ scuff bad business lmao

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