Joining the most DANGEROUS game on Roblox? #roblox #shorts -

Joining the most DANGEROUS game on Roblox? #roblox #shorts

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  1. Just resttrat your computer its simplest idea

  2. If you click leave you see the x button click that and you can leave

  3. "Kill the internet!"
    -LastMinit 2023

  4. dream channel like and playing roblox says:

    Pressing the X button when u zoom out has went to the backrooms

  5. Omg its true i found out and did it but lucky me i got the app closed and shut it

  6. My man plays with Roblox on a controller but then shows he plays on a phone

  7. task manager
    delete roblox while playing (Account is saved in cloud account save file)
    closing roblox
    plug out internet
    power outage or plugging out pc (dangerous)

  8. Never let them know your next move… alt f4

  9. This game is not ban so u cant find it anywhere on roblox

  10. Best thing to do is clear ur how much games u played and play and u won't be stuck easy

  11. Power off button:AM I A JOKE TO YOU!?!?!?

  12. Never let them know your next move
    Task manager

  13. I will use my get out button and refresh it

  14. I have played escape piggy obby and I closed the app and I went to the lobby

  15. I played it and i couldnt leave but i closed the window

  16. ‘’Never let them know ur next move’’
    “Refresh the Roblox page”

  17. Never let them know your next move
    Me: turns phone off and turns back on but still in the game I eat the phone and buy a new one I'm in the game I power off my phone I'm still in I ask Shrek to help and I'm free from the game now

  18. Me: press alt f4
    Anime girl background: im about to end this man whole career

  19. Omg it actually doesn't let u leave I had to exit out of the game

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