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Kaiju Universe Tournament Battle 77 | Roblox

Game by ig
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Kaiju Universe Tournament Battle 77 | Roblox 2K

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Roblox Oyuncu Ad:Gamebyig

Hello, I am Game by ig. I prepare fun, cinematic game videos on my channel, let’s play kaiju universe, roblox games together on this channel with new content every day. Thank you for subscribing for this style and more

Merhaba ben Game by ig.Kanalımda eğlenceli,sinematik oyun videoları hazırlıyorum,hergün yeni içeriklerin olduğu bu kanalda birlikte kaiju universe,roblox oyunlarını birlikte oynayalım.Bu tarz ve daha fazlası için abone olurmusunuz teşekkürler

Kaiju Universe is a PvP / Sandbox game where you can fight other players, destroy buildings, unlock, level up, and customize the strengths and weaknesses of your kaiju.

Roblox Player Name: Gamebyig

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  1. Abi videolarını severek izliyorum çok güzel oluyorlar 🎉🎉

  2. So happy to see a Thriving Behemoth team.

  3. @gamebyig , 4k maxed Biollante oyununu yapabilir misin lütfen?

  4. i thought there were 2 bios, old and new. but the old one was just vol bio lol

  5. i copy you and do tournaments of my own lol

  6. That ending was unfair tbh. I was shicked to even see the RPO mecha even beat the new bio. Ig that's the mist skilled player here. Besides anyone else ofc.👀

  7. I was the G19 teammate, GG guy, you played well, maybe if i tried to fight the other Frost instead of killing the burning, whe could have won

  8. The g19 tanking the beam for his teammate in the first match was real teamwork

  9. como tienen al biollante viejo si se supone que se los quitaron a todos?

  10. Bro, what recolor did that one Bio have on, it looks like DEMON or something

  11. The rose bio vs bio the rose bio lost because of playing it dumb

  12. When is the next tournament? i woul dlike to join. (day 3 of asking to join

  13. Cuando traeras torneos individuales?, son mejores en mí opinión

  14. Bro I miss the stream I play on the weekends

  15. How I can join to tournaments and which are the banned kaıjus?

  16. I love your videos. Keep up the good work!

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