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@KreekCraft Realizes still owns the Dominus Aureus

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  1. who else had this video in their recommendations

  2. ชลสิทธิ์ เอื้ออัจจิมากุล says:

    wait kreek has the 2017 bunny ear

  3. ชลสิทธิ์ เอื้ออัจจิมากุล says:

    that luckymaxer used

  4. This is Billy.



    Help him get back in his bundle spotlight because Roblox mods are dummies. Copy and Paste for free Billy Bundle to return.

  5. I loved the part when he realizes he still owns the Dominus Aeurus

  6. Lol bro be playing Minecraft on lunar client.. btw if u get chance wanna pvp once

  7. honestly him trying to find the dominus fucking made a new emotion in me 😭

  8. it’s bad to say Gods name in vain for an example OMG! ONG! OH LORD! JESUS CHRIST! GOD DAMN IT! OH GOD! JESUS! and many more.

  9. i didnt realize u got bunny ears 2017 0:59
    (im talking to kreekcraft)

  10. Собака С Печенькой🅥 says:

    how to get this new menu???

  11. everyone don't say he had a $80k, he literally won rbb 1 and got 1 million robux. so pottentialy he buyed it for 1 mil

  12. Kreek how do you have that layout I still have the default website one

  13. Shit almost makes me cry, I returned to the game a few weeks ago after a few years to see how expensive items like dominus rex were and I used to literally own the item but was delete rip joogman

  14. Ok but what's with the Minecraft in the background

  15. Anyone gonna talk about bro starting up Lunar Client??? Bro must be an MC sweat.

  16. People with dominus: “I better make my whole personality and image off this well sought after hat”


  17. Cnp Queen Be like:😢😢😢he is rich then me😢

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