LAVA PRiSON ESCAPE!! Adley App Review of Roblox game with Dad! pirate ship and cops obby Challenge -

LAVA PRiSON ESCAPE!! Adley App Review of Roblox game with Dad! pirate ship and cops obby Challenge

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I show Dad how to be a game master in the Roblox World!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today I’m showing you one of my favorite things to do right now!! ROBLOX!! I’ve been playing it for a while now but we’ve never made a video about it but I thought it was a good idea to change that!! My dad and I play every day!! It’s like a mini surprise daddy-daughter date every night before bed and now it’s a part of our nightly routine!! There are so many games in Roblox I love playing! Like obstacle courses ( obbys ), don’t touch the lava, car slide, hide n seek, pet escape, adopt a pet, survival, cops vs robbers prison escape, and pirate dad lava!! We made a really long video for you guys but we could have played this for hours and hours!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


  1. Adley I am your biggest fan but I wach your video's win I was 6 years old but now I'm 7 but I still watch your videos

  2. You trade me so funny I’m Emily I’m your biggest fan hope you see this because of your life my name is here I am seven years old name my name sia

  3. Hahah Adlee you are so funny 🤣🤣🤣

  4. adley is so cute a lot and her dad is so hanssome

  5. I wish I was in a video with you I would be super glad

  6. Ha ha Haha I'm gonna laugh so cool im laughing because dad is funny

  7. Hi adley I'm your new friend I sub you I like you I live piolipeno I like your vid I watch your vid everyday

  8. Hi Andy soccer field I'm your biggest fan I love chocolate like you you even know we don't have we have a lot of connection we sometimes I would up early me when my dad is asleep even know your hair is orange I have glasses but I'm still big fan of you I love your channels can you please respond to me

  9. B bbbrfc CD etc dessert DVD v f ft g bunny junk union ij!i IL mono

  10. Hiii I’ve been watching scence I was 3 years old and now I’m 6 years old

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