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Looking At My Stupid Old Roblox Games

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We all start somewhere guys… I don’t wanna hear it.

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  1. the ocean diving is technically a copy of scuba diving at quill lake

  2. Your frist game ever made was amazing!
    I really don't know how you spell it as "poo" Idk
    I woludn't even make a game like that EVEN THE COLORATION for me its hard

  3. The games look pretty cool it just needs a update tbh but there really gotta

  4. im a game dev and i found out that all the errors from the games are trying to play sounds but because of the roblox sound update they can play them

  5. Hi, i have a question you know that game there you worked in a water factory Where the water took over after pressing a buttom, can i remake that game?

  6. I really like the idea of the cell game, i woud play it actually!

  7. I’m impressed at how good he was at coding

    Btw i suck at programming games

  8. Most of those errors was from the audio update.

  9. Raise your hand if you're as obsessed with these videos as I am! 🙋‍♂🔥

  10. The mice in the sewer game are realistic

  11. For the sewers,it looks like a cool idea. Suggestion:You could remake that game to be better,wtih a shop,where you can get new guns,meeles,etc. and players could enable pvp and fight to get money,or maybe klill the monsters for money.

  12. Your Games actually are not that bad

  13. 8:39 theese are errors from the sound update

  14. you made better games then i can XD btw I'm gonna make a game soon if i do make and its good i will give the link also i loved the video

  15. bro i would play this water factory

  16. I want to see you fix one of these games! Like if you agree.

  17. i think a water factory is a factory wich takes in dirty and pees out clear water

  18. instead of saying “they’re pretty diarrhea” you should said “they’re pretty mouse poop” just sayin’. and no it’s not cuz i’m a mouse.

  19. Y’all my name is proto just letting y’all know i needed my friend to recognize me bc she has a yt channel and she only recognizes me as my fox outfit on roblox and she knew me as “Bluey” so I have to wait 8 days lol

  20. 4:05 thats retinizer, one of the eyes in the twins fight

  21. I am ALIZZAR010 And today we look a Some BullCrap

  22. do you allow me to recreate these games and publish them i am bad at coding anyways

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