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man, what a throwback…

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hello, fellow description lurker! (´・ω・`)/


  1. well you sound pretty similar to how you do now and now this is REALLY Old roblox

  2. be crushed by a speeding wall still exist maybe just a newer version? still old tho

  3. Koneko: Looking at roblox games from 2008

    Me: Looking at his channel in 2016

    This must be ancient…

  4. Compare this 4 year voice of kaneko to the actual From 2020, sounds really different

  5. How did his voice change so fast after just 1 video

  6. and momenebgajbsghwbgsgahhwgwhjsgshsvcagaccgavscgsvvsgsg if your yes

  7. I thought I would not find it when I went to videos and put it to oldest

  8. why is his voice so much different compared to this to the one before

  9. Give me the profile names on the thumbnail

  10. I love how his voice changes so fast in the span of 4 videos in the same year

  11. back when roblox had the good logo and bots were kinda going away

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