Making a TRASH Roblox game popular with advertisements... -

Making a TRASH Roblox game popular with advertisements…

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Today I make a really trash Roblox game decently popular by spending 40k robux on ads lol I legit spent way too much for this flop


  1. Watching flamgo when I’m sick always makes me feel better

  2. what is the song that plays in the game background called?

  3. After 3 years this is still a masterpiece ✨️ 🙌 👏 ❤️ 👌

  4. Bully is NOT BULKY bring back vegetables hulk plss

  5. nobody speaks because they have parental controls on😈😈😈😈

  6. I know its 3 years later but someone copied the games thumbnail but it looks nothing like it.

  7. Fun fact: The only think stopping you from getting cancer is me 😏

  8. I made a game like this but with 3 ballers to make a lot of noobs play it

  9. flamingo add heal coil and grappling hook and boombox and bike
    also add a another tree house and vip tools

  10. Evryone Lets have some silence for the game 🪦 😢

  11. Im back in 2023 someone stole your thumbnail and game lol😅

  12. Its honestly sad to see how albert just makes this stuff in like 3 minutes and gets tons of players and someone like me works 4 years on a game and has 0 players

  13. man! survivaling the hulk the killer is so hard!!! it'll get even harder when you do it in area 51 with slenderman too!!!

  14. I wonder if flamingo is going to find this comment

  15. I recreated this game and guess what.. it got copyright strikes 3 or 2 bloody years after I made it, thanks Disney

  16. Im sad he didnt try the granny one its FULL of noobs

  17. Survival the Jeff the Killer is literally a safe haven for new Roblox players

  18. This video made me start watching flamenco

  19. Flamingo convince You took to take captions off

  20. Flamingo I went on Roblox and searched up your game name, and I thought it was yours someone else copied your picture

  21. Good at coding? Then you can script your game if u good

  22. I remember seeing my nephew playing this without knowing flamingo made it

  23. Team :who hates Killer. Comment :i hate Killer.

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