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Tbh I still don’t know what this means

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  1. if this happens, I am going to verify my ID because my account is 8 yrs old lol

  2. Play strawberry jam if your looking for a bloody game

  3. sketch try a game called strawberry jam:D

  4. Madcity Age 1 BloxBurg Age 11111111111111 HAHAHA YOU NEVER GET BOBUX LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tryna use the china method, face recognization?

  6. top razones para aprender ingles: disfrutar mejor un video de sketch

  7. It says "recommended", its not straigt up not allowing to play these games (i don't know about 17+ games).

  8. am playing BLOODY GAMES as a 10 year old
    my mom said im gonna use the computer for work but she dosent bruh

  9. sketch: yeah its for like uh blood and stuff that is 17+

  10. sketch. you only played bad 17+ games.
    Why not play popular bloody games like phantom forces or counter blox

  11. me on the outside: ok?
    me on the inside: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES

  12. 17 + prob can be like scary games
    some of this can be
    Rickey rat
    Poopy playtime games
    The mimic
    And mic games

  13. The Power Of The Castle Is Restored Thank Ya Marioooo and Luigiii

  14. I've seen enough scented con games before they got deleted

  15. i swear if Blackhawk resceu mission becomes for 17+

  16. I’m 8 years old and I play mad city and murder mystery

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