MORE WEIRD GAMES with Polly! | Roblox -

MORE WEIRD GAMES with Polly! | Roblox

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  1. I love this game it’s called broken bones I was playing the I wanted to watch you then I saw I love you videos!!🥰😘

  2. Keep up the good work (GET HER TO ONE MILL GUYS) this is so,funny your AMZING I have been watching you since ideas 2 and I am now 12 love you girlllll

  3. I have 3 people who inspire me to become a Roblox Youtuber, SunnyxMisty, ItsFunneh and somebody else (i keep forgetting 1 person's name so sorry) but i didn't know what type of Roblox YouTuber to become, when i first watching i loved your content, i started playing adopt me and become inlove! I started roblox a week before 202p and i started watching you a month after 2021, i loved watching you videos! Sadly you didn't inspire me to become a YouTuber but luckly you inspired me to become a adopt me YouTube! I now have a 2 channel and will do what you do! I hope my content won't be copyright :(( I love your videos! Keep up the good work ♥

  4. I love ur vids Please keep making them they Make my heart so Let’s get het to 1mill SHE DESERVES IT 💕we love you moody 💕

  5. Hi moody so when it means by new map it means that you get hire and hire that’s what the maps mean

  6. I love breaking bones and the cake game

  7. Please don't take this the wrong way but why don't you share your face?

  8. Lol it's funny when moody said haha you got doodoo

  9. I. Love you so much Moody 💗 💓 💛 ♥️ 💖 💜

  10. You need to go in the water to win the most coins

  11. Hi moody I’m a big fan of you playing with Polly

  12. Moody when you search pinkbunnyisla3 I'm wearing sannas merch

  13. In maka a kace is were i dident understand hou to make a kace so i made miself in a cake

  14. do a hospital game👍🫶🍕🧊🏵🏆🤩😍

  15. Guys you should tottaly play the game ‘Find the Pop tarts’ for Polly! I bet you guys would have so much fun there!

  16. u look so funny as a cake with polly XD i hope u have a great day moody and polly i wacht ur vido
    evryday i sub to ur channel and a like

  17. I love this game and Moody made if SO MUCH BETTER❤❤❤❤🍕🍕🍕🍕

  18. in broken bones i broken allemose everything (:

  19. Aw i ❤ you Playing that cake game with polly plz may you door more and also more videos with polly ? ❤. Thank you

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