MOST REALISTIC GAME ON ROBLOX #roblox #gaming #funny #robloxgames #robloxedit #fyp -

MOST REALISTIC GAME ON ROBLOX #roblox #gaming #funny #robloxgames #robloxedit #fyp

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  1. This dude is stupid, thats a war my brother in christ

  2. Hellmet is based off dummies vs noobs it is a war

  3. No it isnt, DEADLINE is way more realistic and well made

  4. It’s down already (or it was on New Years)

  5. Frontlines it got the god darn did graphics not this shit

  6. Litteraly a ripoff ready or not casual roblox kids playing this bec they cant afford the real game

  7. What the fuck is this ai voice bruh

  8. been a while since a good game came out,i literally have been playing babft for most of the time

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