*MUST PLAY* Testing the New Beyblade Game on Roblox!! | Bladers Revelation - pixelbladegames.com

*MUST PLAY* Testing the New Beyblade Game on Roblox!! | Bladers Revelation

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In this video, I play Bladers Revelation, a new Beyblade game on Roblox!






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  1. As soon as I heard NEW and BEYBLADE in 1 sentence I had to click

  2. Hope the game is playable on mobile lol I’ll be the first Mobile Tester xD

  3. I did the stress test for 5 seconds but I couldn’t do jack because there’s no mobile support. I still can’t wait to test it.

  4. Video : 13 minutes
    Video posted : 3 minutes ago
    Views : 41
    Youtube in a nutshell 😂😂

  5. Yes beyblade game in Roblox long time I didn't play beyblade in Roblox my time I play that is 2016 or 2017

  6. I played the benders will 2 stress test and it was pretty fun and realistic

  7. Love the vid but question when is the video about sds retribution come out

  8. Dammm haven’t seen/seen you play a bayblade game in ages lol anyway keep up the good work on the video man! Btw check yah dm on Twitter when you have time I dm you on there about my game.

  9. Beyblades, the thing i bought on ebay for 60 bucks and broke instantly when i opened it.

  10. Roball disappear and come back, he still my fav yt

  11. My brother was using my account I was unloved wing :/

  12. Robbing the bank with the bey blade I thought the exact thing when i first joined the game XD

  13. hi you can put your nanatsu game in taizai for mobile I saw that there are few people in it if you put it on mobile there will be more people

  14. Do you want to battle in that game? Btw the bottom left and right are not specials

  15. i dont think roball understands the concept of money

  16. This man is underrated We need 2mil by the end of a year Roball aint gonna be that one youtuber thats underrated for his work

  17. when he says "Must play" when we can't even play it ):

  18. :>> Roball when the next update for seven deadly sins contribution comin also good job on the content 😀

  19. Rollball is seven deadly sin retr coming back and going on mobile

  20. I'm so excited when this comes out I can't for now bcs my tests are going on and I want a full good experience in this game just watching u playing this makes me wanna play it I'm subbing

  21. anyone remember the anime boku no pic… i mean hitman reborn??

  22. bro when is sds retri coming out, the hype is so real I might die man

  23. I don’t really watch / play beyblade anymore but putting that aside the game looks pretty fun not going to lie

  24. guys how do i get tester rank to play Bladers revelation?

  25. I Want to play it but i dont have TESTER

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