My Friends Play WEIRD Roblox Games... -

My Friends Play WEIRD Roblox Games…

Chronat 2
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My friends either play normal games or absolutely weird games on roblox


  1. Hmm. Beautiful games! (Totally). I can not touch grass now.

  2. Bro was like "I'm actually I'm fuc- I'm actually I'm a pro a damn pro

  3. Nice am first + Noice video i want more soo good keep up VERRY good content second channel is gonna blow up i believe and subbed + am in ur dis

  4. Man… don’t make say my feeling about u 2 lmfao

  5. If you want a weird game you should really check out nom game (I think it’s called that)

  6. man that rusty guy is so cool what are you talking about

  7. That guy with no pf on your friends list was pretty cool

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