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  1. Me having 527 hours on Lets party gear testing:

  2. New game discovered: gods will😂😂

  3. Day 1 of trying to get her to play horror game “forgotten memories” fnaf

  4. I'm pretty sure you've played bloxburg before I'm surprised that isn't up there it took forever to get money at pizza delivery💀

  5. Girly you should make a video of you playing Murder Party on Roblox!❤

    It’s my favorite game ever btw

  6. me casually playing 901 hours of the strongest battlegrounds

  7. This makes me feel bad that my time spent on psx is nearly 400 hours.

  8. This makes me feel bad that my time played on psx is nearly 400 hours.

  9. How only 10 hours in royal high I have 7 day worth of play time 💀

  10. Is it bad that I’ve play 40 hours of Royal high this month 😂😂

  11. My most played game is bedwars 46 hours😊

  12. The strongest battle grounds 3 months💀

  13. How many hours do I play in GENSHIN… Hmmm like about 38-46 hours😍 I'm addicted barky get sleep but I'm getting like a bit more better sleep these days, I know you won't believe I play GENSHIN for that long but I'm serious😭

  14. The most game I played is Vesteria 11 hours a WEEK.
    That's like 7.5% if my week spent on playing that one game.

  15. Me who played mm2 for maybe like 400 hours😳

  16. Most I’ve played royale high without going to bed- is like 40 hours-

  17. Me over here with 2842 hours on blox fruits

  18. Me on the weekend never sleeping and staying up while playing Roblox:

  19. Literally every game I play on Roblox rn: ROYAL HIGH OR MM2 and maybe BEDWARS

  20. I grind blox fruits and bedwars for 100 hours someone help me with my mental health💀

  21. Girl has the whole day free 😭✋💀

  22. man I have hundreds of hours in roblox and I lowkey regret the fact I spent over a year in a game for almost 300 hours help

  23. I've played NDS for like 42 Hours bruh 😶‍🌫️

  24. Ok, but thank her that she is not one of those who would waste 500h looking on their Lego character dancing 💀💀💀

  25. for me it’s
    da hood 340 hours
    hoopz 74 hours
    dh aim trainer 20 hours
    da hood ffa 13 hours
    hood customs 7 hours
    mm2 37 mins

  26. Just know: I played a time trail for 2 days.. (3.211 mins)

  27. Me be like: . I uhhh play them all for 24 hours and I play in school because I skip it😅

  28. I play Tps street it's a football game and I spend 62 hours

  29. Me: pet Simulator x 300 Hours 😲 😱 😲 😱

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