My most played roblox games 🎮⌛️ #roblox #shorts #trend -

My most played roblox games 🎮⌛️ #roblox #shorts #trend

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I know this isn’t my normal type of content but i just wanted to do this trend 🙂

Also TYSM for 10k subs u guys are amazing 😀


  1. Me who has played pet sim x for 999+ hours: Pathetic…

  2. Jesus bro go shower and i will get you robux

  3. Blox fruit players: wake up to reality, 1500 hours bloxfuit

  4. Pov the people who played Roblox in 2014 : 15274+

  5. Me waiting for combat warriors:never comes me:😤😤😤not a true sigma/Giga move!

  6. wow he is the real owner of funky friday-FAKE OWNER

  7. My hours for one game called the neighborhood of robloxia is 8098 hours and my total roblox hours is 24,654 hours and 165 minutes
    And currently I’m touching some grass because I get bored while gaming

  8. Me: blox fruit
    New mission: touch Geass
    Get sunlight
    Get a life

  9. Me playing bloxfruit and astd💀💀 1000 hours on blox fruit and 800 hours on astd.

  10. Wow i should stop playing funky friday now i just realized its 359 hours

  11. mines blox fruits with my classmate for almost a week

  12. Wow, that's cool!?
    My games:
    The Forest – 170+ h
    CsGo – 400 + h
    WOT Blitz – 240 + h
    Roblox – 1-5 h
    The long dark – 100 + h
    The long drive – 90-100 h
    And many many games)

  13. Dawg how do u know how many hours u play it

  14. We need a video that how much time you touched the grass💀

  15. I thought you are not playing arsenal I'm playing arsenal and crossfire

  16. Bro just go outside and touch some grass 💀

  17. i played a game call area 02 for almost 300 phucking hours and they reseetted my fucking data

  18. Me who quit this game a year ago and played this for 2yrs : my power is beyond ur understanding

  19. Bro just put the impossible time to play on

  20. Fake men if u have been playing for a long time u would 💀 to starve

  21. Touch grass go outside and get a new job this is not

  22. You need to touch grass and stop lieing

  23. man, i also spent years in piggyy!!

  24. Ive done way more than he has.

    -All while touching grass each day.

  25. bro.. I really need to touch grass.. I played Evade for 659 hours straight

  26. At this point you really need to touch grass

  27. Bro thinks he’s cool for not touching grass 💀

  28. The amount of hours spent on all of those games is 1,512 hours i really suggest you touch grass also i have respect for you on the piggy one.

  29. My playing in blox fruits: 2 month

  30. Dang i forgot i played brookhaven for 186 hours🗿

  31. Rookie numbers for an og game like Epic Minigames.

  32. I played piggy for 3426 hours (NOT IN ONE SITTING)

  33. Me who has played funky Friday epic minigames arsneal piggy for over 3 years : it’s your first time I’m guessing

  34. How can you see how many times you play the game tho?

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