my most played roblox games (in hrs) -

my most played roblox games (in hrs)

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  1. All of the comments : “imagine dancing for 359 hrs💀”

    (she knows how much hours in total with a thing that knows how many hours in TOTAL she played idk what is it called)

  2. Bro there’s nothing to do in ttd3… except dance 😐

  3. Me laughing at the corner with 2784 hours on a game

  4. When it showed arsenal I went off of YouTube and went S T R A I G H T to Roblox, I’m weird ok?

  5. Respect to u for playing robeats now i take that respect back for tdd3 emote legacy

  6. In the first part of the video Ok ok that is nice
    When I saw TTD3 What the….

  7. i played plane crazy for 415 hours 🧟‍♂️

  8. Imagine watching your character dancing for over 350+ hours ofc a emo like u would play games like emote legacy TTD3

  9. Doors and Evade for me ah shit here we go again doors 579 hours EVADE wake up to reality 1363 hours

  10. Pathetic i have played hours for 130 hours and slap battles for 124 i have played mours for 170 hours and a universal time for 570 hours something around those numbers

  11. imagine watching your character dance for 32 days (yes i did the math)

  12. Alleight than wanna challenge me okay my time playing blox fruit is up to 45 hours

  13. me with 60 hrs on trade hangout and wanting to hang myself: 🗿

  14. weak

    All the games i play measured in hours

  15. Omg bro I was in the background for evade and I didn’t even notice u were there😭 (I was the one in pink)

  16. Me while playing clicker simulator 158 days 21 hours

  17. Mine is Murder Mystery 2 I played it for 189 hours (11357 minuets)

  18. Girl watched goofy lego kid dances for 359 hours💀

  19. Her friend: hey, ima be afk don’t leave okay?

    Her: oh you don’t need to worry about me

  20. Imagine walking in building a house for two days

  21. Imagine watching yourself dance for 400+ hours (emote legacy+ttd3) now how about you go play go the fuck outside simulator

  22. When I’m playing doors, I play for 100000000000000000000 hours

  23. 𝕁𝕦𝕝𝕚𝕒𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕫𝕣𝕠𝕓𝕝𝕠𝕩! says:

    Do u have MM2?. 😢

  24. true fde3ff00 this stupid girl wastes her time on a game where you olny dance waster of her time and she looks like a monster becouse she only has 1 leg

  25. The people who think this is a lot will be shitting bricks when they find out about steam users💀🙏💀

  26. Wait what’s the song name 😂😂 (Ik its a random question)

  27. Arsenal- 1 hour
    Outlaster-50 mins
    Evade- 105hour 💀 (I like that game very much)
    Bloxburg-my dad didn’t came back for the mil-
    Robeats- 45 hour
    Doors- 29 hour
    Emote legacy- ??
    Dahood-10 hour

  28. Ευαγγελία Κωνσταντοπούλου says:

    She played evade only 35 hours? 😅

  29. Bro stop lying if you play for 73 hours u Will die ur brain needs bood and ur heart Will stop beating💀💀💀

  30. You need to sleep I think you just play rob for 300+ hours that’s not good for you honey you must be sleeping in your bed not in you iPhone or iPod or laptop or computer

  31. POV:the big chubby cat acting cool in the video

  32. I wish I can see your screen times 💀😭

  33. Go play work at pizza place, its a better game than all of the others games you played

  34. You guys know it’s total yeah?

  35. Imagine watching a Lego character pixels just dance in front of the TikTok songs that can also be copyrighted for 351 hours 💀💀

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