my most played roblox games -

my most played roblox games

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  1. my first game on roblox was bedwars and i played 74 hours on it

  2. POV: You lying abt this

    Not hate bc i saw so many play 100hour 200 hour

  3. Imagine playing a pixel game for 71 hours with absolutely no sleep for like 6 days

  4. Imagine playing pet sim x for 3 hours and 53 mins

  5. I was calm a little bc you played 1 day thats ok BUT STRESS ABOUT THE FAKE 33 OR 100 HOURS BRUH

  6. 𝛹 𝑆ℎ𝑦𝑎𝑟 𝐤𝐢𝐧g says:

    If you play so much hours and how your eye is live now?

  7. My most played arsenal 117 hours lmfao I'm a roblox nerd

  8. Thats nothing i was plaing roblox for 1 day haha

  9. I also played something it’s called touching grass for my whole life

  10. total drama Drayden and Sylvester the gamer says:

    Bruh I do play Roblox but I rather watch youtube

  11. i played blox fruit for 1600 hrs

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  13. Me:hah pity me with 886 hours in BSS (bee swarm simulator)and yes I do touch grass

  14. I like people said they spend like a month for playing a game, and its doesn't mean i dont trust it, i just appreciate they do it for trend

  15. I play in yba 20+day. Btw u really reach(pls bobux)

  16. Da hood 72 hours 🥱
    I played da hood 543

  17. Bro touches grass
    574 hours in Tower of hell
    146 in doors
    244 in arsenal

  18. who watches their LEGO character dance for 52 hours

  19. When did you sleep?
    what is sleep
    then grass?
    what is grass too
    then sun?
    what is sun
    why you making up things
    i give up

  20. That’s nothing compared to my brother plays. 10 likes to tell you how much he played a game

  21. I have a question

    Do you know what grass is?

  22. Imagine watching a lego game dance for 52 hrs ☠️

  23. "hey bro wanna go touch grass"
    You: "what's grass "

  24. Imagine if this spent this much hours in the gym

  25. I played bee swarm simulator for 1.1k hours and arsenal for 110 hours

  26. Bro played murder mystery 2 and already have chromas nice black market

  27. W H A T I S R O B LOX A N D W H Y I S E V E R Y B O D Y T A L K I N G A B O U T I T? ! ? !

  28. Imagine seeing some 5 Kids fighting for 70 hours

  29. What do you do in emote legacy mybe makes dancing videos

  30. +*Sleep has left the chat*+
    +*All nighters have joined the chat*+

  31. His friend: I gtg but I’ll be back STAY ONLINE
    him: don’t worry I will 😏

  32. That’s literally just flexing nothing. That’s not even a good thing.

  33. Haha Bro got no leg😂, wait Bro got no leg 💀

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