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New HACKER FOUND in Roblox Brookhaven 🏡RP NEW UPDATE! In this video, I am showing you the new scary hack in Brookhaven! I caught a new secret on camera at 3am while testing new scary Brookhaven TikTok hacks in the subway in Brookhaven! I found really scary and crazy secrets about Brookhaven like a new secret hideout! This was a really scary creepy challenge in ROBLOX BROOKHAVEN 🏡RP!





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  1. Ya Brookhaven is really scary @😶‍🌫️🫥hide FAST 💨


  3. Hi maya and Luna I was just playing Brookhaven and I heard a laugh and saw Jenna too so I told my friend to leave the server I was so scared no lies and another day I heard that creepy laugh AGAIN so a told my friend (well my other friend) to leave the server. Stay safe out there

  4. I’ve heard a CLOWN LAUGH in BROOKHAVEN !!! 😭😭am I going to get hacked soon Iove Roblox 😭

  5. I have that scard me so so BAD 😱 and i rejoin but it came back it wodint go away

  6. Omg i heard that on a player that was a clown and kept tellPORTING and doing that noise

  7. I was playing brookaven and me and my friend started flinging

  8. Maya and Luna I just playing Brookhaven with my brother and I herd a creepy laugh but he could not hear it but only me and I was so scared 😱 be safe in Brookhaven girls okay ✅

  9. Maya Luna I was playing Brookhaven me I herd that soud it was so creepy and then I ignored it and then there was a jumpscar

  10. Hi Maya me and my friends were playing a game and it was Brookhaven and I was in my friend's house because like I thought she was in there but she wasn't and I saw a black figure and smiling at me like licking them and my friend left server and then I got to 277 my friend didn't know what's happening she was getting really scared and she was hearing like scary sounds like laughing

  11. Oh my God that was scary guys I comment now and that one is really really scary and I was trying in robots then now doesn't work but I saw them but I am laughing because they ran away and

  12. that happened to me but a few seconds i just fond the owner of the laugh so i was so scared so i left the game

  13. Millions of times in my and I got really scared so I logged out but I still here every time sometimes it was stalking sometimes I'll go on

  14. When you guys was seeing the tic tock of the laf that was a clown laf

  15. wait I jas see that heard one of may home 😳:(

  16. Oh my god one day i was playing Brookhaven i literally hear creepy laugh i was scared

  17. I've heard that sound and I told my sister to join we got in a helicopter and we thought it was just a glitch

  18. I herd the lavender in Brookhaven to also someone was spying on me me and my mom and dad were playing in the house and we all herd it😮😮😮😮😮😮😅😅😅😅😅

  19. I've actually heard that laugh before in Brookhaven I didn't know what it was

  20. I was normoly playing Brookhaven then I heard that lagh the same !!!!! 😨😨😨.Brookhaven is getting scary and scary ahhhhh !!!!!!

  21. i hear that laugh when i'm was playing brookhaven

  22. How do you do that please tell me how to make creepy sound how

  23. I have herd the laugh i though it was a hacker i got really scared 😱 😢

  24. Maya l was playing with my. Sister l saw. A creppy face and someone follow us. Pls maya and luna help us

  25. Hi maya I have that glitch before I was so scared

  26. No way that happens to me you're right love Maya clars

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