New Amazing ROBLOX Soccer/Football Game! -

New Amazing ROBLOX Soccer/Football Game!

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Hello my friends ♥️

in this video I was trying New ROBLOX Soccer/Football game – Kick Off Club and it was really big fun!
Game is in Alpha version so it’s under development but it’s on a good way to be EPIC!

-Business e-mail: [email protected]
-Discord invite link:

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  1. wow, awesome man! keep up the great content, I'm happy there are more soccer games out lol!

  2. i have to try this game, nice video can you send link please?

  3. you just started playing this game and your already amazing at it I hope you another video on this game

  4. Oh ye i played this. The dribble and shoot is shit at mobile but eh very noice

  5. nc vid hajko! Looks like a good game,I will try it!💯👍

  6. Hi Hajko Amazing Video I Hope will Be more games like this😊

  7. Great video as always my friend you should try play kick off it is an old football game

  8. im brazilian and i didnt know ur channel but its very good, im gonna watch u a lot now, fica com Deus e boa sorte com tudo. ❤

  9. Awesome Content! i like having watching football and tps on roblox and you are the perfect channel

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