No One Remembers This Roblox Game -

No One Remembers This Roblox Game

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In today’s video, we look at abandoned roblox games.

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What is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 8 to 18-year-olds, but it is open to people of all ages.


  1. Nobody gon mention how both say active at the thumbnail?

  2. Making cookies for your love you str and mix

  3. I used to play The Plaza, The Neighbourhood RP and Pacifco because they were just the top 3 games in 2017/2018. I basically played them because of learning the simplistic and basics of cars

  4. her: galaxy is no longer in style. also her: has galaxy hair

  5. Am i the only one who see the guy on the sword fighting game using lawered clothing on r6?

  6. When you said Online dater game it killed me-

  7. The dact i used to play Town if robloxia with my brother

  8. I still play prison life i don’t really like jail break

  9. i dident forget any of these because i never KNEW THEM


  11. 1dev2 didnt actually hack the website, the hacker gave him like 1 million robux and roblox thought he was included or something so they banned him.

  12. It's sad how these games aren't popular anymore! They should be having more players in this year aswell!

  13. Wow shaming someone's house I'm not subcribing because on the second game you check on you got meann

  14. Madness combat demo

    The new demo of the old madness combat game that was good

    And also madness combat rp

  15. I hate you you’re always so 😡

  16. Sarriebearrie… i heared from the rObLoS gods that u like rythum games. SO PLS PLAY FUNKY FRIDAY!! >:))

  17. i remember playing truth or dare in the plazaa 😭

  18. i remember playing prison life and i still do i broke out of prison broke in the cop's office with people but now it toxic

  19. Color experiment is dead as well</3

  20. When I was a kid my friends from school had robux and I didn't my friends wanted to play mm2 but I thanked it was just for playing who had robux but I played I WON 2 ROUNDS and they said slayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  21. is your profile picture a bear oensie that is trying to eat you?

  22. Uhm so last week I played the plaza I USE TO PLAY IT IT 2019 I REMEMBER

  23. Bro it’s not prison life it’s redwood prison that was so popular now it’s just around 90 or 100 that’s a lot but not like it used to be

  24. Games include (in my version):
    fashion famous,
    the plaza,
    call of robloxia,
    prison life,
    jailbreak (forgotten among youtubers), adopt and raise a baby games

  25. rule one: if nobdy remerd it then u woudnt know about it rule 2: when you said 11 people active then nobdy would be playing

  26. I know some games that might die out

    1. Tower Defense Simulator or TDS Reason: Lack of Content and TDS could have died at 2021 Frost Invasion event Update or 2020 Halloween event update TDS was made in 2019 cuz they have not updated it like 10 months and its kinda boring now when you have like all golden towers and all gem towers and you have unlock everything in that game

    2. Pet Simulator not Pet Simulator X or 2 Its Pet Sim 1 Reason: Its boring

    3. Obby Games Reason: ITS ALL THE SAME AND ITS BORING

    4. Mad Murder Reason: The Amount of Robux you need to spend if you want Super VIP for years


    Thats all that i know

  27. I tried one of these games and I saw some were a bit sus there was some oders

  28. The next thing we know is Doors getting abandoned.

  29. Hey Sarriebearrie can you react to the Oder 4 movie?

  30. I played the Plaza recently and it was so nostalgic!

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