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Today we’ll be playing a SECRET Roblox FNF GAME that NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT?! Everyone knows about Roblox Funky Friday, Friday Night Bloxxin’, and Monday Morning Misery, but this game in the short future may be better than ALL OF THEM?!

Check Out The Game:

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  1. I feel like funky friday us better because u can 100% in this fnf game its only 99%

  2. honestly, i heard of this thx to BobYT, and CatMania, also one of the pluses to this game is prob having the animations be free, also at 2:16 you we're using Cancer Lord btw from the V Tan mod

  3. The Gui is pretty nice, input looks smooth, only thing this is lacking is the amount of content it has

  4. Holy frick they added fallen star sans mod I have WAITED for one of the Fnf games to add it

  5. I love it because it has ToyBoy and Promise! That's literally what I play it for XD

  6. Over fnf games are good but they don’t have goofy ahh cat


    There's been a theory going around that the TGT mod might be coming back. Apparently Hooda, the person who caused the mod to get "cancelled", is going to be working on the mod with a new team (most likely the /funkg/ team). So yeah I thought I should just tell you.

  8. The Orange Orange (ki,Vell,Orange's offical) says:

    you forgot Litterally FNF

  9. did.. did they steal the cancerlord animations?

  10. Its from ben adventure the third song. its called hijinx

  11. Friday Night Rappin is actually not available for mobile

  12. thank you , you added 10% active's to the game!!!!

  13. This game has a style of a old fnf game most people had abandoned called even more fnf what i mean by style is the combo in even more also is on the top of the character shown in this video

  14. Hey jack Nostalgia moment
    Mangopull make a video about this game but a older one that have the same name

  15. i knew that game it was whack a bad game

  16. it appeared on my recommended list and its good ngl

  17. YAFN is back and they removed RedHat

  18. One of the good things about this game is that they have the EMFNF2 combo counter like in FNF, the combo counter that displays the combo per note, I find it extremely useful, I don't get too distracted so any distractions would probably be towards that because the combo count is so satisfying, and I probably won't choke with how near it actually is to the interface overall, but I am concerned that this game MAY have just stolen the cancer lord assets from FNB! you can just see the similarity with their version of it, replicated into this game, though I have a feeling the idle is slightly different in THIS game for the replication to be covered up so people could think they haven't infact stolen it, but tricking smart people is a hard task, if they have tried to do so, karma may come back, which is a Dhar man moment right there, thanks Jack, it still brings up the question if it was a stolen asset or a similarly original and purely built asset from the dev team, after all, they did work a couple of months into the beta, which could imply why it says 'Rework' as a part of the title, so by all means, they will remove that part eventually because it won't necessarily be a beta anymore, it will be a demo, pre release or official release, I have exciting hopes for this game, my only worry is if FNB notices the cancer lord animation as THEIR asset and the Dev team get in SERIOUS trouble.. we would have to give it up for FNB because with how it may be a stolen asset from FNB, all credit goes to them for that animation, it is the animation I memorably know best about FNB, and it can't go mistaken if Robo thinks it's theirs, which would probably be true coming from Robo himself, which makes perfect sense, if this isn't the case at all then I think FNR will become one of the best Roblox FNF games, I love the game already, and the most exciting part about it, is all the upcoming mods, so that I can play around with this nice hitbox on numerous songs, then again, they have noticeably taken the whole EMFNF2 gameplay system and replicated it directly into FNR as you can tell by how similar the experience feels to be tapping the notes, the hitbox and offset speaks for itself, including the combo counter and accuracy generator right next to it, this could across as quite a controversially concerning matter for FNR as a whole, probably the more hopeful thing about FNR is that they HAVE original animations, it's not like I've seen them before, so going forward with the cancer lord animation and the EMFNF2 gameplay system, we need to be wary of the negative possibilities here, and NOT just the positive ones, but I mean hey! If you like the game, you like the game 🙂

  19. There used to be a broken pixel note in the game

  20. When the title said nobody know of the game! Me:already knows

  21. The "custom anim" is Cancer Lord, from /v/ tan

  22. I’ve played this before you uploaded this, found it in the description of a YouTube video

  23. No one knows that the game was so popular it just

    has more fans then funky friday

  24. Im the only one with a xbox and its really a bit bad because it won't let me in the game

  25. 6:06 is a song called hijinks and it is inspired off of the hijinks reddit server, basically a server who hates fnf b3 and fnf soft

  26. just a thought: MMM is not very similar to FNF because the notes are like A FREAKING MILE AWAY FROM EACH OTHER

  27. This was actually one of the roblox fnf games I first played

  28. him: Nobody knows this roblox fnf game
    that 144 people who is playing: am i joke to you?

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