Normal Roblox games... but scary -

Normal Roblox games… but scary

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Today I play the HALLOWEEN versions of Roblox games. Well only a couple but hey I beat the Arsenal boss and unlocked all the murder mystery 2 stuff… by buying it with robux but whatever dude


  1. "Stay safe and whare a mask WiTh A SmiLe FoR HoUrS aT a TiMe

  2. Flamingo theres a new anouncement in arsenal its FLAMINGO ANOUNCER!

  3. There are not one of your vids that i laugh in and i love your vids

  4. Snickers but razor blade edition



  5. omg did i just see felipe glitching???

  6. The boss makes sounds from borderlands 2 Goliath’s

  7. When I was 8 I could spell mystique, what an advanced child I was.

  8. Razor blades snickers have razor blades in it, NOT CLICKBAIT PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

  9. Like,Albert probably gets upset about the game then when the video ends
    He gets out of his seat then starts rage and yelling cause words.

  10. I go tricker treating every year i just dont eat the candy i get because i just do it for fun

  11. This Video Was Posted When I Was Supposed To Be Born But Instead I Was Born 4 Day's Later ( AKA Halloween ) ;-;

  12. jokes on you my country doesn't celebrate halloween

  13. I went camping and the 5 year Olds on the playground were playing hulk the killer

  14. How come our parents tell us not to take candy from strangers, yet we can run around, sometimes alone, taking. Candy. From. Strangers?

  15. Bro i love the thumbnail because my sis adopted a meep and when he adopted it scary images started to appear to him and when the meep stopped showing scary images the neeps eyes became red and and candles started to appear near my sis and then the meep started to circle my sis with red eyes.

    This is why u never adopt a meep bc there's a 0.1% chance that happens to u

  16. I miss alberts Halloween intro I can’t wait for it to come back .-.

  17. “I was literally gonna cry and spray diarrhoea.”

  18. How was this 1 year ago and I never watched it

  19. I miss it when albert really put in 110% with his halloween videos, the intro is really cool

  20. Flamingo: I thought I wasn't going to respawn and ……………………… spray diarrhea
    Me watching this while I'm eating: *Flamingo: I'm drooling*

  21. Mamamamammamamamammama amammamamammamam dang I love my crispy comment in wow apples

  22. the day before a universal disaster happened

  23. If I found a blade in my candy I would still eat it tbh

  24. flamingo is basically the eric cartman of roblox yt

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