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😳 OLD ROBLOX BROOKHAVEN SECRETS Nobody Knows About.. In todays video, I am showing you Brookhaven TIKTOK SECRET SPOTS that you need to know in the new Brookhaven update! I tested these TikTok secret hacks myths! But I found crazy secrets about Brookhaven with TikTok Hacks Hidden Secrets! This was a really scary challenge in ROBLOX BROOKHAVEN ! I caught a ghost on camera while testing new secret Brookhaven TikTok hacks at 3am! But I found some really evil secrets about Brookhaven!





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  1. Brookhaven because the Brookhaven monster is coming at November30 Be careful if you see the Brookhaven monster rhyme or get out of the game and just don’t play with it in the rest of the night😨 Jesus christ is the best best person in the world🎉

  2. I would freak out to that guy 😨😨😰

  3. I saw it but then it disappeared
    Those are soooo creepy
    Its creeping me out

  4. Annie colgan sunshine happy rainbow kitty says:


  5. I have the most weirdest glitch I have to tell you when I first up I was like what it was Halloween some glitch someone broke into the game and then he started running around he’s like all black with you get all the candies and you go to that the lake a summer camp goes crazy he runs around but he runs faster than me

  6. I am in Luna I sold wolf pad and I seen a clone of me in the ice cream store totally crazy with it it comes every time crazy❤

  7. Kan you and luna add me as a frend my Nené is
    Neger Plzz

  8. 😍💕💗❤️😻😘🥰🤩😍😘🥰😍😝😜

  9. There is a hole to the unden world it is by the barn

  10. That's all this you fake no one's going to believe that

  11. Are you dumb or something it's getting night time

  12. that’s just seek from Roblox Doors😂😂😂

  13. I saw everything because it give jumpscares so i watch carefully

  14. How much did you have to pay to get you to act

  15. Rose is red ur a faker in hell

  16. You saw that person when you looked through the things when you were on the cloud the whatever it’s called and then and then you saw me spying on you from the tree and then when y’all went underneath the map you saw that figure again

  17. i saw ghosts because it’s litierry 3am!

  18. Hey Maya and Luna when Luna jumped she turned into a scary white monster and it’s only 3pm in Bankstown

  19. i will go to stella taday i will give rose to god mama mary

  20. thank you besties for subscribing and liking our videos! we truly appreciate you all so much! you guys are so amazing and kind! Jesus loves you all so much! Jesus is our Lord and Savior! He died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day! GOD BLESS YOU BESTIES!

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