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Old Roblox games we used to play when we were new #roblox

Chicken Nuggie
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Since everyone is asking here’s the song

not a rickroll btw


  1. Sorry dude you got the wrong person I played all of them

  2. "Have fun with the game as it is it will eventually change, make Memories that you laugh at and enjoy".

    :Crypt!d Hunt3r(s).

  3. So a random new guy:
    And ye old roblox was much better than. This shit

  4. I remember some of them,my first ever roblox game was,hide n seek exstreme

  5. the best youtube title ever for "games we used to play on roblox"

  6. NO NOT HIDING SEEK. ME. ppl still play it

  7. You know the old game you play with you're freind and unfriending them is just sad life

  8. Yo I played all of them but Rollercoaster tycoon also I luv ur character

  9. Also who misses old bedwars? You know? Hiding in boxes, it was fun but now there's to much stuff and powerful things it's ruined for me

  10. When I first joined I thought alpha was the first level of "under construction" and beta was mid-construction

  11. Not my playing "escape the toilet obby" back in 2017 💀

  12. 2 years ago is not considered an og, even if you joined in 2015 you're still not an og 💀

  13. Is 2020 now considered old or am i way too old for roblox? I still think anything younger than 2014 is not an og 💀

  14. Piggy is not forgotten! Everyone still plays it!!!

  15. 1st of all, why tf is the intro dance so godamn long.

    2nd, Piggy isn't THAT old.

  16. I've played as a guest sense 2015, then in 2016 I made my first account, the name was Jk4334562836 or smth, I forgot what the name was so I made a new account, Crossmjk, it got Hacked, then some where around the beginning of 2018 or end of 2017 I made Crossmblox and then in 2018 (as an alt) I made CrossXD777 on my Xbox one, I played piggy on that account whenever Covid-19 hit. Man, I've got an 8 year history with Roblox.

  17. Most of all i forgot about sharkbite

  18. "old roblox"
    proceeds to show new roblox games

  19. All me and my sisters Memories cam eback my sis crying

  20. Just because we don't play anymore that does not mean they a not a snapshot- A random guy

  21. Piggy isn’t a old game we used to play you stuck in 2020 bud

  22. Never played paintball and zombie rush tho

  23. I went to high school and college in one "year" (mintue

  24. this video is by far the most honest one ive seen of the forgotton roblox games

  25. ayo bro hide and seek i still play it and work at a pizza

  26. 😭😭😭😭I played all of them when I was new

  27. we used to play

    A Pirates Life
    Chaos Canyon
    Survive the Drakobloxxers
    Ultimate Power
    Kohl’s Admin House
    Rocket Arena
    Roblox High School
    and a lot more

    I am your 1000th sub congrats!!!!

  28. I know all of the games shark bite I played a long time ago with my brothers friends 😉

  29. Piggy is isn't an "Og" game and also meep city is trash that game is full of online daters and toxic cnp's and slenders

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