OMG I GOT A MEGA NEON GIRAFFE in Roblox Adopt me -


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Roblox poor noobs adopt me trading videos, I love making them! I love doing adopt me trades as a poor flex noob! Hope some rich flexer kid trades me a mega neon adopt me pet! Anyways today OMG I GOT A MEGA NEON GIRAFFE in Roblox Adopt me

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  1. Roplex:i only have two mega giraffe😓
    Me:i only have fr parrot;-;

  2. Hello I was wondering if I could offer for your no potion frost!? And if u are willing to do the trade for a fly ride albino monkey? If you think I am under a can add! And if you are willing to my user is futureLife001.

  3. Roplex"hey I got another mega giraffe"

    "Me" "Struggling to get a mythic egg"

  4. Only because the normals and the neon owl

  5. And of course the juice of the dinner the mega giraffe

  6. I subscribed for 2 years. BTW …. ROPLEX… Can U
    give me a neon uni? My username : MOATEMSHIY btw I only play on Ur rich trading server pls😚

  7. Omg u got a no pot frost dragon and parrot no pot it’s worth so much

  8. Roplex – trades frost fury for cool pets
    My offer which come for me -, pheonix 😂
    People are coming with dumb offerss 😩😩😩

  9. Uni corn sprinklz is always in every vid u do every of her offer and it always fails and she is rich 🤑

  10. The trade you did for the mega giraffe was a win and you got alot more frost dragons

  11. Roplex laugh is cute ,i feel weird saying that but it is-

  12. Roplex I traded my fly ride cow for a fly ride kangaroo and a ride T. rex was that good

  13. Hi I am a fan, Do you mind friending me?

  14. My name is Roblox_Gamer132012 and my display is Forgotten_Legend

  15. My best pet is fr frost fury. My dp is mfr Shadow dragon or maybe frost

  16. Can you offer my fr frost fury for good pet

  17. “ i ONLY have 2 MEGA girrafes”

    Me struggling to get a single girrafe

  18. Lol I don’t really like the zooming in, love your content tho

  19. The pink egg is older than blue egg 2019. Ester

  20. Roplex I’m a big fan but u really need to learn values before u be poor

  21. Mom: why is your tablet broken
    Me: because roplex said to smash that like button😓

  22. Bat dragons are worth way more! Also what did u just say you only have two MEGA GIRAFFES HUH only what !!! I only have a a ride cow for pets!

  23. Blue egg is first ever egg second egg pink and 3rd egg is

  24. Hey Roplex, I was subbed to you for such a long time and your videos are amazing!!!!! It would mean everything if you could pin this comment! I love all your videos and the trade for the mega giraffe was a big win! Congratulations! Have a great day!💫

  25. Roplex- have a mega ghost bunny
    Me- dancing with my normal ghost bunny xD

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