Playing BAD Roblox games so you don't have to (ft. @TankFish69, UltimateVex, etc...) -

Playing BAD Roblox games so you don’t have to (ft. @TankFish69, UltimateVex, etc…)

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Today me, Tank Fish, and the rest of the boys are playing bad, horrendous, and terrible Roblox games so you guys don’t have to. A lot of these games were in fact so comically bad that we actually enjoyed them quite a lot. Basically this is a video where we play a bunch of the lesser known games (a lot of which are old) on Roblox and try to make some type of content out of it. We even created a story line to go with it! From surviving a crash in Emergency Landing to entering a haunted doll house in Short Creepy Stories, this video has pretty much every type of game imaginable. Because we played so many games it yielded a lot of funny moments which I edited down into this video with a ton of bad jokes, terrible humor, and memes. So yeah, it’s just a cute little funny roblox gameplay type of video.

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Playing BAD Roblox games so you don’t have to (ft. Tank Fish, UltimateVex, etc…)

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  1. I need vex’s outfit, could I have a link to the outfit plz anyone?

  2. But Natural Disaster survival is actually not a bad game tho

  3. I laugh so hard when they scream so hard XD

  4. In the end the bad games were the friends we made along the way!

  5. “ronaldo from..”
    truly inspiring😔

  6. i NEED to know what vex did to his avatar

  7. why is natural disasters in the bad game list

  8. i want that thing to appear im my bed tonight

  9. They better do a video on the foxtrot mental asylum

  10. I love how garten of banban is so bad you can recreate it in roblox

    Bro really escaped the mental asylum

  12. first game is actually pretty good

  13. Some of these weren’t bad but some were definitely horrible

  14. Ronipizza one is better then any of these games

  15. Emergency landing and natural disaster are bad? L game taste

  16. Natural disaster isnt a bad game dude.

  17. The part where it feels like they will scream like that in a real plane crash, and its music to my ears 1:47

  18. Alternate title: 4 dudes screaming like sr pelo

  19. Where is his furry suit 😭😭😭

  20. "After we escaped from the cabin, we decided to go on with our journey" gets sent to the fucking heavens

  21. But still aint no way bro called NDS bad thats just wrong

  22. Little story me and my friends call this the racist corps due to it only chasing after our Asian friend it was really funny cause we went down the same path that ended up being a dead end and it just only wanted to kill the Asian friend lol

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