Playing BANNED Roblox Games -

Playing BANNED Roblox Games

Kaden Fumblebottom
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Today we check out a handful of games that were once completely banned and deleted from the Roblox website. These games somehow managed to sneak their way back onto the platform!


  1. Lol i thought im waitching Kaden's old Video because of his Hair xD

  2. oh my god kaden i have watched u for 2 years? and i love ur fucking hair🫣

  3. Why does he look like Yoriichi in this vid lol.

  4. I love your strawberry squishmallows in the background 😀

  5. “At least it died happy.” True words man.

    So very true.

  6. I'm sorry.. Albert and Kaden sitting in a tree k-i-s….

  7. my favorite thing about some of the games stuck in roblox-limbo is how much legitimate legal trouble they get roblox in lol. also damn your hairs gotten long! looks gr8 🪱

  8. I like doodle world it has a unique story line and it looks completely original other than the fighting it is completely original sure it might look like a pokemon knock off but it actually looks decent 🙂 PLEASE DONT REPORT IT I ACTUALLY GRIND ON THIS GAME-

  9. where did you get that keroppi/kuropi plush in the background? the one with the green frog from hello kitty.

  10. there we go peter got stabbed right in the heart- kaden fumblebottem

  11. Kaden, how does your oc cry? It's head is a whole eye so.. does the tear go in a line like this "|" or like this with 2 like a normal pair of 2 eyes "-⊙-"?????

  12. what happend to kalbert, i really moss it after reading a wattpad as a joke, and it kinda became serious so begging you, MORE KALBERT, amf slso flsmingo hasnt uploaded in 6-7 days, do tou lnow ehat happend? Some pf his frienda amd i are worried.


    These videos always make my day way better!! The moment I see a notification from Kaden, I click it 😀 💕💕

  14. i cant stop staring at his hair its so pretty

  15. pokemon brick bronze was banned for copyright by nintendo

  16. Hi Kaden! I love watching your vids and so does my cat! Literally he sits in front of the screen and follows your cursor 🤣

  17. do peapol we miss add me jaydenisannoying23


    🔝🔝 I choose to work with him on Instagram, he is really good. he get me access to my old forgetting account back..


    I always love your content, Kaden! You work very hard to make much amazing content! Tysm for caring ❤️

  20. Kaden can i help in the roblox myth hunters group pls if h can rank me up to help my user is champ2651

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