Playing BANNED Roblox Games -

Playing BANNED Roblox Games

Kaden Fumblebottom
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Today we check out a handful of games that were once completely banned and deleted from the Roblox website. These games somehow managed to sneak their way back onto the platform!


  1. I always love your content, Kaden! You work very hard to make much amazing content! Tysm for caring ❤️

  2. Can we all agree that when he uploads our days get better! 💖

  3. Can we all agree that when he uploads our days get better! 💖

  4. Can we all agree that when he uploads our days get better! 💖

  5. Yes finally someone who uploaded on my bday can you pin me pls

  6. Kaden and me have long, (naturally) brown hair, play Roblox, and have the same name with the difference of one i. (Me Kaiden, him Kaden) P.S. I’m liking the long hair 😉

  7. ThatL_calLesbainB__ch #takingabreak #friendissues says:

    Omg I was acctually in Ur server! OMGGG

  8. Bro I’m first don’t check I’m sooo first

  9. 20 minutes ago wow! here before 1k views
    edit: i now posted this 1 minute ago and it went from 914 views to 1k views in 1 minute

  10. I hope that kaden gets better from his sickness.

  11. The real reason RAF was banned for copyright is because someone who STOLE THE GAME illegally copyright striked the game

  12. These videos always make my day way better!! The moment I see a notification from Kaden, I click it 😀 💕💕

  13. anyone knows what the song is on the outro

  14. Great video and all, but can I talk about how adorable your mullet is today? Wow, you look incredible.

  15. The reason raise a floppa was banned, You were allowed to swear in it, It would only tag in the server chat, But on your avatar saying it it would not tag.

  16. Flamingo’s post: I’m sick
    Kaden: I’m sick
    Coincidence? I think not!

  17. Official - Help Me Get 100 Subscribers Please!!! says:

    + Ima See If I Can Play Raise A Floppa. 😉


    I love the video it's so great and funny it made me laugh so much and also love all your hard work!!!!

  19. WOAH I'M EARLY??? and people need to calm down lol how do people come up with this stuff

  20. Can we appreciate he posts even though he sick.

  21. Day 8 or something of telling kaden he's my idol until he notices me

  22. Raise a floppa: why are we still here just to suffer

  23. I love your content! I hope you get better soon, Kaden <3

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