Playing FAKE Bloxburg Games (I got scammed) -

Playing FAKE Bloxburg Games (I got scammed)

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hi! today i played fake bloxburg games :p
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  1. i know a recreation of bloxborg its name is roville YOU CAN BUILD

  2. the fact she cant figure out how to mine is sad

  3. Here something t9 know! Welcome to bloxburg free version was a meme and joke game for a video by famous roblox creator flamingo! He just left it up so his fans could play it!

  4. Bro played flamingos game first comment this or I will be mad

  5. All right, so I saw from other comments saying about flamingos game but I want to say the one she played as the first one was actually a remake because he took the original was taken down by flimgo after the video so he doesn’t get in trouble with Roblox. At least I’m pretty sure it might be still up, but I doubt that he mostly takes down all the remakes of games he has for vids.

  6. Bugburg as i remembered someone said that in flamingos video

  7. The first game is made by Flamingo (go watch the vid)

  8. That’s the exact same alarm as me😂 keep up the amazing work❤

  9. That was flamingo! No I love this game I’m going to play it rn

  10. Flamingo's Game doesn't have a bloxburg VIRUS!! Omg so funny..

  11. The first bloxburg game was actuly created bye flimingo a famouse roblox youtubet

  12. lol i can't believe she played flamingo's game that he made like 3 years ago-

  13. ~𝑐𝑖𝑛𝑛𝑎𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑜𝑙𝑙~ says:

    Fun fact: the first game she played was flamingos game he's also admin

  14. On the 2nd fake bloxburg game it said in the description you had to rejoin after buying gamepasses

  15. Fun fact: the first game she played was actually Flamingo’s game that he made for a video that was about 3-ish years ago called “I advertised my FAKE Roblox game… and made it creepy”

  16. i like your voice it makes me lugh lol

  17. flamingos game in the first game what the hell

  18. The first game she played ik the youtuber

  19. You don't know who flamingo is.😂 He's the one that made the first ripoff game.

  20. How do you get so much money on Bloxburg?😊

  21. The first one flamingo made it on an alt fyi

  22. I really Want To play BloxBurg Rp But I don’t have so many robux

  23. The first game was made by flamingo❤😂

  24. Loved it! I think your voice is pretty, bye❤

  25. Look you play game flamingo

  26. In the first game that she joined has a bloody bacon inside one of the houses toilet idk why that's there

  27. Btw the first one has dead body has a head in the bathroom and has a smashed head in the roof

  28. Can I please have some money because I am a fan and my user name is Rich

  29. the views are 999k then i watched now its 1m

  30. Wait why do you sound like ssniperwolf-

  31. 0:23 fun fact “DevOf_BloxBurgl” is a YouTuber named @flamingo and it’s a Roblox account he made in the video

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  33. the first bloxburg game is made by flamingo

  34. Fun fact the first game was made a by another youtuber

  35. The second game she palyed its free but wen she palyed it it was a scammed!😅😂

  36. 100% conferm u can't get a virus on fake games but only on stolen items for making games on roblox studio

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