Playing LOW RATED Roblox JOJO Games That Are CURSED! -

Playing LOW RATED Roblox JOJO Games That Are CURSED!

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Playing LOW RATED Roblox JOJO Games That Are CURSED!

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  1. The vesteg game wont let you leave goad u got kicked

  2. you should play a Game called A Comical Adventure

  3. 3:57 that rock is cheeky, he tries to get people to the game of mystery "mugen"
    mugen is a strage place filled with secrets and mystery lol

  4. i know the guy who made the first game, what a surprise

  5. Bro if ur asking who tf is that rock ball on the thumbnail its cheeky from fri- i mean M.U.G.E.N

  6. 7:31 I love how it’s a vr chat avatar doing the dance because I have it

  7. Lol that first map was mine. Oh and that creature was from a game called AD Venture to AD Tube HQ

  8. I’m pretty sure Bizarre Uprising had a lack of updates plus it was dislike botted leading to it losing all of its players

  9. Ayo bro you really made me play Big ol stands so i like this

  10. It's me 1 month in the future aut releases and is amazing

  11. HW5567:roblox is boring. Roblox:boi imma ban you. HW5567:oh nooo!!!

  12. Into the mysterious cheeky games

  13. that painting is a portal to MUGEN
    a place created by a group of the same name. The Group Is Very Wierd
    I Also found it in a DBZ Game called "Dragon Ball N"
    it's pretty much just a creepy place with some games that i've not entered yet

    but the good part is theres a sword fight area in the MUGEN game

  14. Mah Man HW doesn't know mugen yet..The moving rock you saw was szemtelen mano or cheeky and he's from a surrealist roblox group named M U G E N it is a old myth type of thing idk much stuff about it but i do know some characters.

    and also they make EAR BREAKING sounds in some games and most of the time whenever you die or get a badge the game would just crash.

  15. HW5567 can u try a low rated JoJo game called legacy bizzare heritage it has a nice stand design and it's smooth

  16. Bizarre uprising need sandbox too
    get player

  17. BU are cursed cuz it didnt spawn any item like seriously no item spawned

  18. Idk why but a bunch of game have that creepy rock :/

  19. Hey HW you should play A bizzare world rewritten it’s a really underrated jojo game and is really smooth, you should check it out

  20. Yo
    I found this game called stand instincts
    It's really fun,you should play it

  21. Have u played a bizarre journey if not go check it out

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