Playing My Old Roblox Games -

Playing My Old Roblox Games

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today i look at my old roblox games and question what i was doing with my life as a kid

games featured in this video:

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if you’re one of the cool people who reads descriptions comment “you stole these games from Remainings! what the dude heck!”

Playing My Old Roblox Games #roblox


  1. Everybody when they get old:
    "I could've killed so many people."

  2. live in a hotel and have fun doesnt work anymore

  3. When I played live in a hotel and have fun there was no ground to be on and I fell to my inevitable fate.

  4. Mucket of Bilk / Bilk Mucket Shorts18 ඞඞඞඞ says:

    End of yt e world boton

  5. When his old games are better then your new games:

  6. I’m down in the trenches for laughing at my pfp

  7. this reminds me of the time where i wasn't born

  8. I got like a 10 second ad of someone
    Killing another
    Person in War robots lol

  9. the haunted place looks like a abandoned village in ukraine

  10. Tbh they need to add personal servers again

  11. Man, stamper tools are quite nostalgic, shane that grass and ice are like screwed now.

  12. Why are you a duck Remainings?????????????????????????????????

  13. I remember back in 2017 and 2018 I used to make alot of games like more than 89 places and they're so bad. I mostly use free models and then I would invite my friends to play it. I kinda missed playing it with my friends now I might just go back and play some more of my old games right after this video. Thanks, remainings!

  14. Basically the picture for the video is just islands

  15. The date on the thumbnail is my birthday except for 2012

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