Playing Obscure Roblox Games -

Playing Obscure Roblox Games

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today me and @Cronoxus search for random games to explore on roblox! awesome!!

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Exploring Obscure Roblox Games #roblox


  1. Pov the guitar turns into a robot and flies over to the end with you

  2. Bro hamul stole your thumbnail for flee the facility 💀

  3. Remainings, can you play a game on roblox called “Super Bomb Survival”? It would be really fun for us to watch you play, and I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  4. The faces of those thomas characters tho

  5. i was confused if the roblox site at the beginning was just a thing you downloaded to make roblox look like in 2018 then realised it was an old footage as i looked at the comments.

  6. i thought the audio sounded off for a minute…

  7. I like how ur always calm, it’s cool 😎

  8. This is definitely an old video from 2017-2018 that never got uploaded

  9. Remainings is one of those youtubers where you can watch their videos multiple times and still be entertained

  10. Remainings your thumbnail was stolen by a company roblox just bought for 30mil dollars

  11. suggestion: please play Super Bomb Survival its a fun survival game where you have to dodge the bombs (try to get a clip with 5.0 difficulty and survive) (5.0 is the hardest difficulty) 😉

  12. He thinks we wont notice this was made 5 years ago

  13. You sound like your voice has been heliumied

  14. it feels like it was recorded 5 years ago-

  15. thank you for going back in time and de-aging with your friend to play obscure roblox games, it is very much appreciated

  16. bro the old roblox loading screen when you launch a game brings back so many memories

  17. bro you know its an old video when remainings sounds 12 💀

  18. if you compare other videos with remaings voice with this video its super different

  19. i was about to ask "how do you have the old homepage design in 2022" but then i saw brick bronze and mcdonalds tycoon

  20. Glad we did this before the audio update👍🏼

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