Playing Obscure Roblox Games -

Playing Obscure Roblox Games

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today me and @Cronoxus search for random games to explore on roblox! awesome!!

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Exploring Obscure Roblox Games #roblox


  1. This video gives me roblox 2015 – 2017 vibes

  2. this is a while ago this is not 2022 make videos in 2022 sir

  3. Also guy who lost his "lag"" in doomspire: wher is me lag!!?!?!?!?!11

  4. Hello remainings I have a tip for a future video you can play roblox deathrun

  5. It legit says MEW MAP for mm2 then you know its old LOL

  6. 2018 voice: this is so ugly and bad
    2022 voice: WOW THIS IS COOL!

  7. hi im back at this channel hope you reach 1 m subs soon!!!

  8. description of video: "today me and cronoxus play obscure roblox games" in reality: "a couple years ago me and cronoxus play obscure roblox games"

  9. Why does the website look like the OG website?

  10. Bro it been 31 DAYS for you to make a new video. WITH YOU FRIEND WHYYY

  11. you can tell the video is old because when you watch the video it is old

  12. Chat Game! Rules are simple: the first player calls the word, the second player calls the word, the first letter of which matches the last letter of the word named by the first player

  13. remaining why don't you have 1 mill subs you deserve it bc you make me laugh when I watch your vids

  14. How long ago was this recorded before you uploaded it lol

  15. Roblox checking all of the updates
    Roblox 2010 update player: 2
    Roblox: who playing old game

  16. i am forced at gunpoint to commit smile 😀😀😀😀

  17. My username is Darkn0ob666 also keep up the good work

  18. He could play my least favourite game and I will still watch it just how entertaining he is

  19. why don't you upload a video about "CRIMINALITY. I am sure you will make it looks good…. its really a good game 👍🏼

  20. 4:27 I always used to do this in old games that had the teleport tools and trains and it was so funny

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