Playing Roblox Games BEFORE They Go VIRAL! -

Playing Roblox Games BEFORE They Go VIRAL!

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In today’s video, we set out on a mission to play Roblox games BEFORE they go viral! It’s time to be trendsetters and not followers or sheep anymore! The question is though… do these 3 games have the potential to be extremely popular… or will I be FIRING my Roblox researcher?


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Game Played in Vid:
Pull a sword:
Bily Swim Race:
Kung Fu Fighter Sim:

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  1. in the first game there was a free auto click dude

  2. the last 2 had the exact same ui, literally a copy of a copy. LITERALLY THE DOG FROM PET SIM-

  3. Right now Swim race Simulator sitting at 1.5k CCU

  4. What if Arm Wrestle Simulator is a knock off of a dif game?

  5. An old game but REALLY good game is world//zero, if you're curious about games.

  6. I thought it was going to be happy pet game………….The Preston renamed it to pet simulator 99😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Right now Swim race Simulator sitting at 1.5k CCU

  8. you say that if you took all the good parts of games and now PET SIM 99 did it

  9. 1st game = I hate it so much since it's copyrighted 2nd game = Boring3rd game = Gets boring if you play too long

  10. 👇if his voice doesn’t match is mouth

  11. All these games are the same people are getting bored of it

  12. Swim race simulator has 3.8k players

  13. Video video video on first game

  14. Lol an autoclicker I can click 120 times in a second not to flex or be rude tho

  15. Bro the first game he played I’m playing while watching the video😂

  16. The kid is stornger then him now he leaving cus he cry😂😂😂😂

  17. its late for me and when ever its night my hearing gets sicko good

  18. I did…..

    NOT like my own comment I want you guys to do it for me:)

  19. My mom thinks I’m a disappointment not a joke 😔

  20. You need to train up a thing At the middle and then you get Health, the one you were training is Damage

  21. new title Playing Roblox games so they go Viral!

  22. Hey night foxx you have the best video

    And you are the coolest guy ever

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