Playing SQUID GAME in Roblox! -

Playing SQUID GAME in Roblox!

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KREW plays Roblox Squid Game! Who will win?
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  1. Funneh: Look at the Robot's head its so creepy
    me: its a Robot Doll not just a Robot-

  2. 2:30 that was just like the 101 and 067 scene in red light green light

  3. did anyone notice Funneh is player 001 🤔

  4. I haven't got the halloween update 🙁

  5. I tried to download kreweats I downloaded it 3 times its not on my tablet is something wrong

  6. No one –

    Funneh at the start – We’re gonna stab her-

  7. Ooh I really want to play Krew eats now! Even though the Halloween event has probably passed, it looks so cute and fun!

  8. That girl who said wanna be on teams thats a youtube ;-;

  9. Poor SangWooFromSquidGam
    it must be a trauma for him 🙂

  10. Why was the intro so funny 😂 like the rest of the video.

  11. Give me plsss robox my name is a biboy010610

  12. Umm squid game is not good for chirdren riht

  13. Hi funneh I like ur game and I sub and like

  14. I downloaded KREW eats and it’s kinda fun actually

  15. I love videos and every time I watch them I love them and when I’m sad I just watch your videos and I am making myself happy while watching your videos

  16. That one girl:anyone want to team? Funneh:yeah sure Also funneh: let’s kill her

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