Playing the ULTIMATE SONIC games in ROBLOX -

Playing the ULTIMATE SONIC games in ROBLOX

Captain Capi
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We played EVERY Sonic the Hedgehog game today and found Hyper Sonic, Super Sonic, and many more in Roblox!!

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  1. capi go play ku pls they added mechagodzilla 2021

  2. Capi mechagodzilla 2021 is here in kajiu universe

  3. Capi play kaiju universe mecha Godzilla 2021 is out

  4. Captain capi is best I mad a new account just for capii so you can have more subs

  5. Captain capii Kaiju universe has a update mehca g21 I out!!!!!


  7. Captin capi pleas could uou please play sonic2uou could find ausom levals

  8. Mecha godzilla 2021 is here in kaiju universe

  9. Plesse capi your so cool plesse this is the first best youtuber I ever saw you are so close to 60k plesse I love your vids

  10. Capi mecha gozilla 2021 is out he is in kaiju universe

  11. Capi play Kaiju universe because there add mecha Godzilla 2021 also it is costumes

  12. Im a big fan your vids are amazing keep it up


  14. Can u play kaiju universe mechagodzilla 2021 is out right now!

  15. Mechagodzilla 2021 is I. Kailju universe 😀

  16. Capi there is a new update for kaiju universe and please shout out me 😮😮🤗

  17. Play godzilla universe they have a new update

  18. Mechagodzilla 2021 is in kaiju universe!

  19. Captain capi paky kaiju universe new mecha godzilla 2021 is it cost 350k g cells lvl 50 Godzilla 2021 and lvl 50 monster zero

  20. The evil megaGodzilla 2021 is finally out in kaiju

  21. Capi roblox kaiju universe update mechagodzilla 2021

  22. Mechagodzilla 2021 is here in kagiu uneverse play it or I will unsub

  23. Capi in kaiju universe they added mechgodzilla.2021 you can go check him out

  24. I joined the family 1 week ago or 2 and in Kaiju u inverse they added mechagodzilla 2021 love your content

  25. Capi can you play Kaiju Universe MechaGodzilla 2021 is out:)))

  26. This video is definitely one of my favourites oh yeah all your videos are my favourite

  27. I subbed 😀
    i also add you (VinceIsaiah_29)

  28. Kajiu universe has mecha godzilla please play kajiu universe😃😀😄😁😆

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