Playing the ULTIMATE SONIC games in ROBLOX -

Playing the ULTIMATE SONIC games in ROBLOX

Captain Capi
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We played EVERY Sonic the Hedgehog game today and found Hyper Sonic, Super Sonic, and many more in Roblox!!

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  1. Kajiu universe has mecha godzilla please play kajiu universe😃😀😄😁😆

  2. I subbed 😀
    i also add you (VinceIsaiah_29)

  3. This video is definitely one of my favourites oh yeah all your videos are my favourite

  4. Capi can you play Kaiju Universe MechaGodzilla 2021 is out:)))

  5. I joined the family 1 week ago or 2 and in Kaiju u inverse they added mechagodzilla 2021 love your content

  6. Capi in kaiju universe they added mechgodzilla.2021 you can go check him out

  7. Mechagodzilla 2021 is here in kagiu uneverse play it or I will unsub

  8. Capi roblox kaiju universe update mechagodzilla 2021

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