Playing YOUR ROBLOX Games (Old) -

Playing YOUR ROBLOX Games (Old)

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  1. Plot twist: TypicalModders is in the server.

  2. 'im just gonna give it a thumbs up"
    likes and unlikes

  3. What’s the game your playing at the beginning?

  4. Im making an obby, my username is Grim_Reaper521v2

  5. what game r u playing on the background? cuz I want to play it

  6. You dare mess with the hacker giw bard >:(

  7. Hello sheasu I have been a fan since I got a tablet lol and I have a new game not finished idk how to link it tho

    Its a hangout game :p

  8. yay! i hit the like button at 999 🙂 which means im 1000 liker!

  9. I Need To Pay Frickin Fricks
    -Sheasu 2019

  10. this vid is boring cause the games are boring lol

  11. when SheaNorse loses at lazer gun
    SheaNorse: Karen Activate

  12. 0:00 1:16 what name this game? This game really cool 👍 pls tell 😚✌️♥️


  14. When he started to say OBBY OBBY OBBY he sounded like a stand for example MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA or ORA ORA ORA ORA

  15. I made some games but, I got trained bye you its basically my house but each room is one game. UserName: xXTheStupid123Xx PS. I copied your games

  16. My game in roblox is called THE DIE /SAFE/ [UPDATED]

  17. AstraAaxis : ooh aah chiki chiki SQUIDWARD

    Me : *Confused unga bunga *

  18. Yes I know, some of the gameplay in this video IS REALLY LAGGY, and unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that. I will hopefully have a better computer to use by the end of this month so that I don't have to stress out about recording laggy gameplay!

    Apart from that though, I'm honestly so thankful for the amount of support you guys have been giving me, and honestly I really appreciate it! Because of this, I hope that I can produce more and more content that you guys enjoy watching, and so forth. Anyways, thanks for reading this message, and I hope you all have a really great day!
    Peace-out my Friends!

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