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Pokemon games are back on Roblox!

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Pokemon Brick Bronze – Loomian Legacy:

Project Pokemon – Doodle World:

Pokemon Fighter EX – Monsters of Etheria:

Pokemon Fighter EX footage by Thinknoodles:



  1. Armenti: THEIR ALL THE SAME

    Me: but they aren't ITS not the Same anymore 🙁

  2. But the new Pokémon ripoffs are 💩

  3. Pokémon Brick Bronze is easily the most missed one 🙁

  4. I miss project pokemon so much, I remember when I got to the end in one day

  5. Why u did not add project polaro?

  6. Mine was the project modded
    It rocks

  7. I'm still waiting for Tales of Tanorio, it looks like its gonna be better thant Loomian Legacy

  8. "Nothing is better then the original" A wise man

  9. Im sorry but project polaro ia still out and im playing😅

  10. these games dont feel the same though. max i can play is like 10 minutes before i get bored. project pokemon was the best game i played

  11. Project Pokémon was my life as a kid✊😢

  12. Bro the fact he pulled out greninja suprises me top 1 fav pokemon

  13. Yo tenia una cuenta que tenia la octava medalla y lo peor que pudo haber pasado paso perdi el juego ahora no se como se llama y perdi mi charizard shiny y demas😢

  14. I swear I was so sad when I was on Roblox one day and I got kicked from Pokémon brick bronze, thought it was an update and it was deleted 😢all I remember is battling the flying gym with my greninja

  15. Don’t forget what’s to come ( tales of tanorio )

  16. pokemon fighters was literally my childhood man, I would spend HOURS AND HOURS playing it the entire day

  17. Loomain legacy way better than PBB I get the nostalgia and all that and I genuinely miss PBB but LL is made way better and is only half way done so it’s gonna keep getting better

  18. Brick bronze holy that bring some memoris back

  19. I played all three back then

    and even now

    its like the games never left

  20. Project Pokemon is always in my heart… good times

  21. Tbh man,I didn't even got a single glance to take a look on pbb and on how to play it. But the old videos of pbb content creators knowing that it would be my favourite game than anything else. That's all,I am a fan of Pokemons.

  22. Ahh pokemon fighter I remembered when I sold my soul to get hoopa

  23. We need someone re-made a non copyright pokemon adventures
    (A pokemon game in kanto where when you fight against a trainer or gym leader, you controlled the pokemon and could attack like the great pokemon reborn RPG)

  24. Bro, I didn't remember Pokémon fighters

  25. I just want brick bronze and pokemon fighters back they were park of my childhood

  26. I miss them all so much but the most is pbb if I could do one last thing of my life before dying it would be to play this game for its entirety one last time

  27. Yo:pbb es un gran juego lastima que no pude jugar el original asi que jugare copias exactas y mejores

  28. They are trying their best to bring back those old games😭

  29. I missed pokemon brick bronze and i was so happy that it said the pokemon league was open and now im not playing it and im playing loomian legacy

  30. I miss Pokémon fighters EX so much, I used to play it all the time with my dad

  31. Btw another pokemon game is out, and it's called pokemon Advanced

  32. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I missed the old days

  33. But it scars me that Pokemon Duel, a fame in AppStore, was deleted :(.
    That game was so good.
    It will be forever remembered.

  34. If you didn't know

    Loomian Legacy Takes Place After Jake was Hit By The Box And was thrown inside The Portal,Btw,The Original Brick Bronze Creator,Was The Creator Of Loomian Legacy Too.

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