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Possibly the SCARIEST game on Roblox…

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KREW plays Kampong on Roblox! This is a Roblox Horror game.
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In Roblox Kampong, we play as Hakim. Our mission is to head over to our grandfather’s village to do some tasks. We soon enough find out darker secrets hidden within the village. Now our challenge is to find 7 types of jinn and find out who is causing these curses.
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  1. I'm not scared I got scared a little😅😅😊😊

  2. Lol I laughed so hard when Draco said that’s the sound a make when someone try’s to feed me fish

  3. So basically Jin is a red skinned and he has two horns he was like a angel but he only wants to be the greatest in Muslim story it is based of when world started

  4. Good job respecting people culture. And by the way, EVERY time I watch Krew playing scary games, I have nightmares👻😫

  5. Rainbow rainbow land land land land land

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the way Draco scream though

  7. I love how they tried all the Muslim words and surahs 🥹

  8. no other scary games can defeat mimic! not nico's nextbots, judy, that scary game and more!

  9. P-r-o-u-d. 🇲🇾🇸🇬♥️🌎

  10. Krew is so kind and I am happy that they weren't disrespectful Muslim's:)

  11. Gold:I’m safe in grandpa’s room krew and me:😂😂😂haha

  12. pov your looking at the comments for any jump scares haha

  13. i loved it ty funneh for respecting my religion

  14. I’m a Muslim and I am so happy that they Respected the game

  15. . but that doesn't matter, I still love your videos funny

  16. The ghost are from indonesia the hopping thing in indonesia is pocong and the crawling lady was…….kuntilanak

  17. itsfunneh is aalmost to 10 mil subscribers!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉

  18. Aslo I,m kid bc I,m on my grandma Tablet ok krew

  19. is that kim from the avatar shop on roblox???😯

  20. I've been whatching your vids for 10years

  21. 💗💗💗

  22. thank goodness at least there was a horror game related to islam

  23. Actually the ghost is actually all real, the are mostly in village/kampung, it's in Indonesia/Malaysia, in the instructions it said that the game is inspired by Malaysia(part of Indonesia

  24. Lunar playing horror games:🤗😐🙂 vs whenever somebody takes her family:😐 m u r d e r e r 🙂

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