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Ranking the Top Anime Roblox games

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  1. What happened to saitama battle grounds

  2. Blox fruit at #4 2023: crashes the whole game

  3. Blox fruits is now no.1. Like fr upd 20 just dropped and roblox had to shutdown cuz too many players was online to play upd 20 that almost we have been waiting for like 9 months

  4. looking at this afther blox fruits busted the roblox servers afther having too many people (2.5 million +)

  5. Usually anime fans play jojoba bizarre adventure or the strongest battlegrounds

  6. Im not sure if this is considered an anime game but the strongest battlegrounds should be on here

  7. riht now blox fruits is 1st due to update 20 they broke roblox

  8. The strongest battle ground left the chat….

  9. Top 1 animé roblox game (a universal Time , a bizarre day or dragon ball xeno multiverse)

  10. ABA sucks because they’re too lazy just to make a mobile version

  11. aba is a trash game i cant stop playing

  12. If you want so much grafic like real life just go outside make your realstic anime

  13. Not to hate shindo life gets boring,but the graphics are very good,and the pvp is good but gets boring,same as the other gamemodes(and yes I played it and I’m a Z1 rank.)

  14. Blox fruits is 1st
    Strongest battlegrounds 2nd

  15. I’d put project baki at 1

    The sheer VARIETY of styles makes it super enjoyable for almost anyone

  16. If he knew blow fruits now it would be number 1😂

  17. Am i crazy or me playing An addicting roblox Games just makes me thinking the game isnt roblox 💀

  18. Blox fruit <shindo life because shindo life Is not only a bandit beater

  19. This was a year ago blox fruits is def top 2 now and strongest battle grounds just zooms in

  20. I think you forgot the strongest battlegrounds

  21. Blox fruits is the WORST GAME I have ever seen. Even The version called “blox fruits but bad” is better 💀 most overrated roblos game ever

  22. blox fruits pvp is garbage, if you get hit ONCE with an aoe-stun move then you are dead, if you get hit with a SINGLE stun move then you are dead, and if you get spammed to death then you are DEAD, the grind is absolute HORSESHIT, the graphics are mid hidden behind particles, and you have to get updated with the meta or else you get raped

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